Kumkum Bhagya 14th February 2020 Written Update: Rhea’s evil intentions

Today’s episode starts with Rhea. She comes to Ranbeer and asks him did you want to give roses to someone.Meanwhile,  Prachi is going and she bumps into Rhea and Rhea create issues of this and tell Ranbeer that all she wants to fight with me so make sure next time she remember to stay away from me. Prachi said i don’t have time to fight with you. After this Rhea sees Saloni and walk away.

After this Abhi buys some roses for Pragya and thinks about her. While Ranbeer comfort Prachi and said you know about Rhea so don’t mind her words. Prachi said to him you don’t need to middle in between us.  Our relation is kind of messy and my mom says that she’s like my small sister.

Afterwards, Rhea’s friends ask her about roses. But Rhea thinks about Saloni that what if she will tell about her deeds to Prachi. Prachi and Ranbir talks. Meanwhile, Saloni asks Prachi to meet her.

Mr kohli meets Pragya and asks for her forgiveness and also about cafetiere because she makes very good coffee so he want to help his hotel business. Pragya says she wants some time for this. While Sarita agrees.

Sarita says to Pragya that she left some things in the old house. Pragya says don’t worry i will go. Abhi was also there and he ask a girl about owner of this house so that he can meet Pragya but when he finds nothing he leaves roses on a chair were he was sitting after that when Pragya came to the same spot and see roses on chair and she takes those roses and left with tears.

Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbeer finds Saloni but they can’t find her after this Ranbeer puts some roses petals on a table and when Prachi came and said she can’t find Saloni. He suddenly shower rose petals on Prachi and this think makes her happy but she also said we are here for Saloni not for fun. Rhea gets jealous seeing Prachi and Ranbir. Here, Ranbir looks for Saloni.  But before he find her, Rhea meets Saloni and said her that Prachi is the one who wants to spoil her relationship with Ranbeer and that why she’s doing all of this. Saloni influenced by Rhea and keep her mouth shut.

While Rhea was thinking that she is going to break Prachi’s mother dream for getting good son in- law by giving clean chit to Ranbeer. (Episode Ends)