Kumkum Bhagya 14th January 2020 Written Update: Sanju to avenge Prachi!

Today’s episode starts with Prachi, Pragya, Rhea, Ranbir and Abhi looks for Sanju in the jungle. Prachi and Ranbir looks for Sanju. Here, Pragya gets hurt in her foot and Rhea takes care of Pragya. Pragya says to Rhea she has to search Sanju as Prachi is alone. Rhea gives her promise to Pragya and says she will rest in the car. She asks her not worry about Prachi as Ranbir is with her. Meanwhile, Abhi feels Pragya’s presence.

Other side, Ranbir catches Sanju and Sanju confesses to him that he don’t like to see him with her thus he did what he thought is right. Abhi, Rhea and Prachi come too. Sanju threatens Abhi not to come closer to him else he will jump from the cliff. Rhea indirectly indicates Sanju to jump in the water. Meanwhile, Abhi catches Sanju and beats him. Ranbir too beats him.

Abhi asks Sanju to say sorry to Prachi. Prachi slaps Sanju and says he doesn’t deserve anyone’s forgiveness. Sanju holds Prachi and jumps off from the cliff. Abhi, Ranbir and Rhea gets shocked. Prachi holds the rod and Abhi and Ranbir struggles to pull her up. Ahead, Prachi asks Rhea about Pragya. Rhea says she is resting the car. Abhi feels Pragya’s presence. Sanju rescues himself from the water and recalls Prachi’s slap and thinks to avenge her for slapping him again.

Later, Prachi sees Pragya’s foot turning blue and asks Ranbir to rush to the hospital. Here, Pallavi and Biji decide to give clothes to Ranbir for the party. Other side, Abhi says to Rhea he is having headache. Rhea scolds Abhi for not listening to her and not taking care of her. Abhi misses Pragya hearing Rhea.

At hospital, Ranbir gets concern for Pragya. Doctor tells him Pragya is out of danger and they can take her home. Afterwards, Ranbir goes back to his house. Vikram announces that at Lohri function he will call Pragya and Prachi too. Ranbir gets happy. (Episode Ends)