Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2021 Written Update: Ranbir feels suspicious seeing Gayathri/Pragya care for Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 15th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aliya asks Rhea to share her problems with her. Rhea says I know you better now and you can’t keep me happy. Aliya says I’m your aunt and love you so much, I know I hurted you but behaving odd is in our blood and whatever I did is for your and Bhai happiness, observe how Bhai problems increased with Pragya entry and so much happened but Pragya didn’t even come to meet Abhi, think about Ranbir and have lunch with Ranbir’s family than think how to teach lesson to Prachi and remove Prachi from Ranbir’s heart and mind. Rhea agrees and goes to freshen up.

Aryan says Pallavi aunt may feel bad so think again. Ranbir says Mom is the one who acted but my love for Prachi is true. Vikram says you love your Mom too that’s why you hided her heart attack drama from everyone but today you did mistake. Ranbir searches something. Vikram asks what’s he searching. Ranbir says his car keys. Vikram shows keys and asks him to have lunch at Rhea place as damage control. Ranbir agrees.

Everyone assembles at dining table. Everyone gets shocked seeing Abhi comes out with Gayathri, Dadi feels happy. Aliya asks Gayathri why you bring him out. Abhi gets scared, Pragya asks Abhi to don’t get scared, nothing will happen and she goes to Aliya and tells her that Abhi wants to come out that’s why bring him out. Aliya says lunch is happening here, what if he creates scene. Vikram says Abhi is my friend so I won’t mind. Ranbir says hi chief but Abhi turns his face. Pragya/Gayathri says Abhi will have lunch with everyone. Aliya says he can’t become normal if he wear good clothes. Pragya says it won’t happen if he is locked in room. Raj says who hired her? She is talking without any respect. Pallavi says Gayathri is correct. Tanu says you mean Aliya is wrong. Dadi says she means we can give it try.

Gayathri asks Abhi to come but he feels tensed seeing everyone is looking at him. Gayathri says they are feeling happy seeing you and she brings him to dining table and asks them to introduce themselves to Abhi. Rhea and Others happily introduces themselves to Abhi than Pragya makes him sit. Abhi asks how to remember all these names at one time. Gayathri says he will get it very soon. Aliya questions Pragya if she brings him down to make fun of themselves. Pragya says she will feed him. Abhi hurriedly places everything in his plate but he can’t eat because his hand won’t support him. Everyone feels bad. Pragya holds his hand and makes him have food. Abhi shouts saying it’s spicy than Pragya makes him drink water and asks him to have more but Abhi denies than she goes to get him milk.

Pragya hurriedly prepares milk. Ranbir goes behind Pragya and questions her how you know all these things? Tell me truth otherwise I will reveal your truth. Pragya thinks if Prachi told her truth to Ranbir.

Rhea tries to talk with Abhi than Aryan tells her that it’s not advisable to talk with Abhi when Gayathri is not with him. Tanu says Gayathri is just servant not his wife, Abhi needs friend like me and don’t worry Rhea I will take care of Abhi.

Raj gets call and he taps Abhi shoulder and Abhi thinks he beat him and behaves violently with Raj. Everyone tries to separate Abhi from Raj but it won’t happen. Aliya asks Mitali to get stick. Dadi goes to call Gayathri. Ranbir says who are you? Because you know how to handle chief correctly. Pragya says she is just servant. Ranbir says than how you know Chief drinks milk with coffee? Pragya thinks so he don’t know about me. Dadi takes Gayathri with her. Aliya beats Abhi Ruth stick. Gayathri Comes in-between them and asks what happened. Abhi says he beat me intentionally and about to attack Raj again but she stops him. Aliya says you have to follow my rules. Gayathri says nothing happened when I’m here than what you guys Dad? You know right you can’t go near him. Raj says stop your lecture and take this mad man to his room. Vikram says don’t say in this way. Pragya says he is sick not mental, behave like his family don’t spoil his health. Aliya says Gayathri. Gayathri says she is saying truth. Dadi asks Gayathri to take Abhi to room. Pragya takes him to room.

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