Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2019 Written Update: Purab misunderstands Disha!

Today’s episode starts with Disha asking Hrithik to leave the place. Hrithik says to Disha that he was just joking and he doesn’t love her. Disha apologizes to Hrithik for slapping him and hugs him. Purab sees Disha and Hrithik together and recalls his moments with Disha and gets shocked.

Rishi in his room recalls Priyanka’s word and Pragya comes in. He tells to Pragya whatever Priyanka told him. He further asks Pragya why Priyanka kept the condition to hurt Shahana. Pragya tells to Rishi that Sarita lied to Priyanka that Shahana and he is engaged thus she is targeting Shahana. She further asks Rishi to tell whatever happened that night in detail. Rishi tells to Pragya how Priyanka tried to molest him. Pragya decides to meet Harish who is peon in Abhi’s office.

Purab return back home and cries hugging Abhi. He tells to Abhi that he saw Disha and Hrithik together. Abhi and Purab talks with each other and Abhi tries to console Purab. Purab pours his heart out to Abhi.

Abhi brings Purab to the bar. Purab says he don’t want to drink. Abhi says but he wants to drink. He ask waiter to give him shots. Afterwards, Abhi and Purab compete on drinking shots and Abhi says if Purab wins than he will help in bringing Disha back in his life. The competition starts and Purab wins.

Abhi and Purab go to the stage and decide to talk about Pragya and Disha. Abhi starts the conversation and talks about Pragya. Ahead, Purab joins the conversation and tells about Disha. People out there enjoy hearing their story.

Other side, Ranbir asks Aryan to return his gloves. He runs after Aryan and bumps into Riya. Riya gets mesmerized seeing Ranbir (Aadha Ishq song plays in the background). Riya says to Ranbir that she lost her ring. Ranbir finds the ring and gives it to Riya. Riya says to Ranbir that she wants him to break Prachi’s heart so that they can do engagement soon. Ranbir stands shocked. (Episode Ends)