Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2019 Written Update: Ranbir gets beaten up to protect Prachi

The episode starts with a goon finding Ranbir’s mobile with Prachi and snatches it from her. He cuts Pragya’s call and slaps her. Ranbir gets furious and breaks the chair arm that he’s tied to and starts beating the goon. He thrashes him and they both run outside. They are spot by many more goons and he handles them too. Both Ranbir and Prachi gets themselves locked in a room. Prachi is shivering and keep saying that they are caught and they are going to die. Ranbir assures her that nothing will happen to them but she doesn’t listen. He hugs her and consoles her.

Sanju comes with the goons and asks them to open the door but they didn’t. Having no option he breaks open the door only to find Ranbir and Prachi hugging each other. He gets furious seeing it and they both release from the hug. He gets angry seeing them still holding hands. He beats Ranbir and drags Prachi’s hand but Ranbir holds her other hand not letting her go. Sanju and Ranbir fights and the goons too join Sanju. Ranbir tackles everyone when all of a sudden Sanju hits him with a rod at the back of his head. Ranbir falls unconscious.

Pragya gets worried as the calm us cut and calls police station. She says about Ranbir and Prachi being caught. Abhi is also present there and gets shocked knowing about Ranbir. Inspector leaves with his team while  Abhi leaves with Shahana.

Prachi is made forcefully sit on the mandap with Sanju for marriage. Prachi shouts for Ranbir and he wakes up. He releases himself once again and fights with the goons. There are many that he couldn’t handle. All of a sudden Rhea comes there shocking everyone. Ranbir asks what’s she doing here. Rhea says she came for him and blames Prachi for landing Ranbir in trouble. Ranbir denies the blame and says its him who came hearing Prachi’s shouts and she’s not at fault. However Prachi denies and reveals that Ranbir came to save only her. Ranbir signals her not to but she doesn’t listen. Sanju asks them to stop their drama. Rhea calls him out and he leaves with her. Prachi wonders  about how the boss is listening to Rhea

Vikram comes home and gets angry seeing Ranbir not at home. Pallavi calls Abhi and Vikram snatches the phone from her. Abhi informs Vikram about Ranbir and Prachi being caught. Vikram and Pallavi rushes to find Ranbir. Rhea asks Sanju what’s he doing. She asks him to let go off Ranbir and Prachi and agrees to pay huge amount for it. Sanju says that he’s not doing all this for money but for love. He says that he will marry Prachi and will go for honeymoon and dreams about it.

Abhi due to rash drive hits a car and the car owner denies leaving him and wants to file a police complaint against him for his injury. On the other hand Rhea tries convincing Sanju but he remains adamant. He threatens her with his goons.