Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2021 Written Update: Pragya confront Aliya

Kumkum Bhagya 16th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Aliya giving money to Pradeep. She says Tanu asked to give the money. Pradeep ask what else Tanu said. Aliya ask Pradeep if Tanu need to tell something. She asks Pradeep if he is Tanu’s husband. Pradeep says he would have killed Tanu, if she would have married someone else in front of him. He tells to Aliya that Tanu married his brother. Aliya ask Pradeep than why Tanu is giving money to him. Pradeep says to Aliya that his lips is zipped thus, he can’t tell her.

There, Tanu tries to sleep close to Abhi. Abhi snores loudly. Tanu sleep on the couch. Here, Pragya recall what happened with her in the morning. She decoded Aliya betrayed Abhi yet again. Pragya confront Aliya about the same. Aliya tries to convince Pragya that she is not behind Tanu’s wedding with Abhi. Pragya ask Aliya to stop acting. Aliya than tell to Pragya that by helping Tanu she was in a benefit to live her dreams thus, she betrayed Abhi. Pragya says to Aliya that she thought, she is a changed person but she proved her wrong. Aliya asks Pragya if she will expose her in front of Abhi. Pragya says to Aliya that post Riya’s wedding, she will tell Abhi the truth and will ask him to throw her and Tanu out from the house. She adds she always stopped Abhi from throwing her out but this time she will tell him the truth.

Other side, Ranbir recalls his moment with Prachi and cry. Pallavi come and asks Ranbir if Prachi refused to marry him. Ranbir tells to Pallavi that he is ready to marry Riya. Pallavi says jodi’s are made in heaven. Ranbir says he wants to sleep. Furthermore, Pragya and Mitali arranges for Riya’s wedding. Pallavi come and tells to Pragya to get Riya ready as she wants to do aarti of the duo together. Pragya tells to Pallavi that she will bring Riya soon. Tanu come and taunts Pragya. She asks Pragya how she is feeling seeing her at the place that belongs to her. Pragya says their own people betrayed them else she would have shown her the place. Tanu see Riya and tries to instigate her against Pragya. Riya says she wishes Pragya get her ready. Pragya takes riya with her.

Later, Aryan asks Ranbir if he is ok. Ranbir says after today only regret will be there in his life. Pallavi calls out Ranbir. Shana come. Aryan curse Prachi for breaking Ranbir’s heart. Shana than reveal to Aryan about Prachi’s truth. She tells him that for the sake of Abhi and Pragya, Prachi is sacrificing her love as Riya asked her to do the same. Aryan feels bad for Prachi.

Here, Pragya praise Riya’s beauty. Pallavi does aarti of Riya and Ranbir. Prachi stand teary. Afterwards, Mitali learn from Tanu that she used garland for the decoration. Pragya says she will get a new one. Pallavi asks Pragya to return on time. Tanu thinks of a plan to frame Pragya so that she doesn’t reach on time. (Episode Ends)

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