Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2021 Written Update: Prachi requests Shahana to hide Rhea matter from Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Aliya says let’s start the lunch. Vikram smiles thinking Abhi words that Aliya is Kaddos and he asks Aliya why can’t you treat Abhi in good way, he is your brother, learn from Gayathri. Aliya says we are about to become relatives that doesn’t mean you can blame me, I know how to behave with my brother and she takes Rhea with her saying she needs to talk with her. Raj asks Mitali for file.

Mitali asks workers to clean everything and goes to get file. Pallavi sees Dadi is happy and asks what’s the reason. Dadi says this house got fairy in the firm of Gayathri and now I feel Abhi will be fine very soon. Client calls Vikram and they asks him to join meeting with Abhi. Vikram says Abhi is busy and he feels emotional. Ranbir asks him what. Vikram says I’m missing Abhi, can you come with me in place if Abhi. Ranbir agrees. Vikram and Dadi goes to meet Gayathri. Pallavi thinks I can’t forgive Prachi for spoiling my son.

Abhi cries badly. Pragya caringly applies ointment to his wound. Abhi feels tickling and he asks her to do it daily. Pragya agrees and reminsces their past moment and thinks Abhi is getting better. Abhi says can you tickle daily. Pragya agrees and he asks her to bring him chocolates. Pragya promise him that she will bring chocolates for him.

Dadi enters Abhi room with Vikram. Abhi hides saying they may beat me holding stick. Pragya says they won’t harm you and she asks him to give the stick. Abhi denies. Vikram says let it be. Gayathri says only few people cares for him so meet him regularly so he feels that he have friends and recover soon and she makes Abhi leave the stick and asks him to come out. Abhi hides behind Gayathri, she says they are your friends so go and meet them. Abhi feels scared but Pragya gives him confidence saying nothing will happen and she asks him to shake his hand.

Vikram gets emotional while holding Abhi hand and he asks how are you friend and Gayathri my friend started to trust again because of you and he goes out. Abhi touches Dadi cheek and tells her that he feels like he know her. Dadi says I’m your Dadi. Abhi asks what it means. Pragya says she loves you alot. Abhi tells Dadi that he has three friends in the house. Pragya feels emotional and says I will make you meet your friends slowly. Dadi and Abhi shake hands happily.

At office Ranbir thinks how Chief is behaving normal when he is with Gayathri and he reminsces Gayathri bracelet and thinks how he saw same bracelet in Pragya hand and thinks Pragya aunty is Gayathri and he thinks to found it clearly. Vikram meets Ranbir and tells him that he is happy to have him at office. Ranbir says sorry for talking rudely to Mom Infront you. Vikram says it’s fine but never repeat it with outsiders, if you ever get angry than think first before doing something. Ranbir agrees.

Prachi takes Shahana aside and asks her to won’t reveal anything to Pragya. Shahana asks why can’t she reveal it to Pragya. Prachi says than how you feel if I tell Mom that you cheated me. Pragya comes to them and asks what happened. Shahana says I cheated Prachi. Pragya goes aside to attend call. Prachi says don’t tell anything to Mom. Pragya finishes call and asks what happened. Shahana says she stealed Prachi earrings. Pragya asks Prachi to forgive Shahana. Prachi forgives her. Shahana goes to call Saritha. Prachi asks how is Dad. Pragya says he is fine. Abhi draws fuggi painting and he asks doll to answer how’s it. Dadi enters room, he hides thinking Someone entered and Dadi asks him to come out.

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