Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2020 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir wants to find the real culprit

Today’s episode starts with. Pragya thinking about Abhi and she call Purab but his phone is out of reachable so she call Vikram for Purab’s another number but he said is his on business trip.

There, Prachi and Ranbir finding Saloni as they didn’t find her so Ranbir said to Prachi we going to find her after class. Here Prachi see Maya while Maya asks Rhea to meet. So Prachi calls Ranbir from his class and duo going after Maya as they want to know why she’s doing all of this and whose behind this.

Maya starts doubting that Prachi and Ranbir follow her. And then Rhea calls Maya that she is in mall. Here Prachi and Ranbir plans to catch the real culprit while Rhea thinks that no one can catch her.

Meanwhile, Biji calls Meera and palavi to tell them about necklace that how much palavi owns meanwhile Palavi asks Vikram about cafeteria. Vikram said Prachi’s mother have some issues on that and she tells about this later.

There, Pragya comes home and Sarita asks Pragya who give you flowers Pragya said these are came from Abhi. While Sahana come and give water to Pragya and asks about flowers Sarita said these are mine Sahana said who gives you Flowers. Sarita said Prachi’s father gave me and start teasing Sahana after this Sahana went. And Sarita asks Pragya about cafeteria she said she is going to think about this. Sarita also asks Pragya to come with her on engagement party for work.

There, Maya meet Rhea and duo following her while Maya and Rhea talking and they both see Ranbir and Prachi and they hide from them in trailer room. Rhea asks Maya, why you are calling me here. Maya said she thinks that she is in a big risk and now she don’t want to do all of this. Rhea said to her play victim card and your shorted but Maya said, now she don’t want to part all of this as she’s going to engaged.

Here, comes Sarita and Sahana and they want to open trailer room but as no one is opening so they want to hanging around and suddenly dump into Ranbir while Ranbir said that he’s here for pee and makes Prachi hide from them. While maya said she’s not going to part of this so now she wants to go from here. Rhea said am giving you expensive gift if she help her more. Maya asks Rhea to give her diamond necklace.

Meanwhile, Prachi and Ranbir also hides in trailer room while Rhea asks Maya about deal. Maya said you give me necklace and am going to help you Rhea agrees with this. here again Sarita comes and wants to open the door but again she can’t open so she went to second trailer room but there Prachi and Ranbir hide so that one also she can’t open and she wants to call shopkeeper so he can open the door for her.
But suddenly prachi shout and ask them to go and buy matching duptta for her. After they go Maya, Rhea, Prachi and Ranbir came out from trailer room.

Meanwhile when Prachi and Ranbir talking about culprit Rhea is behind them and she hears every thing so she send massge to Maya, don’t come near to her as duo is here for finding her not for shopping but she bumps into Ranbir when he ask him why are you here she said am here for shopping and she leave.

There, Prachi meet Maya and scold her for doing all this for money. Maya said to her all you want is give clean chit to Ranbir and this is not going to happened and she went. While Ranbir call Prachi after Rhea and Maya leaves and they also come outside from mall.

Meanwhile the duo see Maya and Rhea talking with each other and Rhea leave. Prachi asks why Rhea is talking with her Ranbir said as she is also angry with her so maybe she scolds her. Afterwards Maya leave.
Here, shopkeeper give Maya’s outfit to Prachi as she thinks that Prachi is her friend so she can give this to Maya.

Afterwards Sarita and Sahana also come from mall and they see the duo together when Prachi see Sarita she hide from her. Sarita laugh and ignore this and calls taxi and they went away.

Episode ends with. Prachi and Ranbir going to Maya’s engagement party to give her outfit and big suprise.