Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2021 Written Update: Purab and inspector goes to search Abhi and Pragya in the jungle

Kumkum Bhagya 17th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Abhi says did you notice we are nothing without eachother. Pragya says she noticed it 20years back and cleans his face with her chunri. Saritha feels vomiting sensation so Purab stops the car. Killer stops behind them and horns to clear their vehicle.

Purab goes out and tells him that ladies health is not good and asks him to take another route. Killers says it’s bloked. Aliya parks the car aside. Killer leaves from that place than Purab realises he is same killer who’s behind Abhi and Pragya so they are here. Aliya asks him what happened. Purab says nothing and asks her to sit in the car and drives rashly. Aliya asks him to drive carefully. Purab thinks to reach Abhi and Pragya before killer.

Pragya says what if I die or something happens to me. Abhi says I don’t marry again. Pragya says you have to because I can’t see anyone with you. Abhi asks what if he marries again. Pragya says I will haunt you becoming bhootni. Abhi lifts her in his hand and says we are not going to die. Digvijay notices Abhi and Pragya through binocular and informs to killer about their location. Killer assures to kill them than he sees Ashok who came with their men in bike and says Bhai Varsha. Killer assures to kill Pragya before Abhi to avenge Varsha death and they goes to jungle in Ashok bike.

Purab stops the car seeing inspector in bike and asks how’s he. Saritha,Dadi, Aliya begs him to save Abhi and Pragya. Purab tells to inspector that just now he saw the killer. Inspector says let’s go and search in bike. Purab drives the bike and they goes to jungle.

Abhi and Pragya hears bike sound and shouts to take bike person help but they gets shocked seeing Killer and his men on bike. Purab and Inspector parks their bike and searches for clues to reach Abhi. Purab and Inspector shouts for Abhi and Pragya. Killer says you guys can’t escape from us. Abhi throws sand in their eyes and runs from that place. Killer and his men hears someone is shouting Abhi and Pragya name and he asks Ashok and his men to see who’s searching for them.

Pragya gets hurt because of nail plant. Abhi removes it and tells that he gonna fight with Goons. Pragya says it’s not good to fight with them and Abhi feels confused with route and they chooses one side and goes slowly and they notices it’s cliff end and about to goes from that place but stops seeing Killer and other contract killers.

Ashok sees inspector, Inspector aims gun atom. Purab beats Ashok and add if Abhi and Pragya are fine. Ashok snatches gun from inspector. Purab makes him drop the gun and they locks Ashok and his men to bike and questions them to tell about Abhi and Pragya. Chanda sats they are safe and shows the direction. Inspector and Purab goes in that way. Ashok praises Chanda for sending them in wrong direction.

Abhi beats contract killers and Snake hits Abhi head with rod and asks other killers to kill them. Pragya gets angry and beats Killer taking rod from him like Mahasakti. Killer gets scared and begs Pragya to leave him. Pragya says I will ruin you taking Durga roop if you ever tries to hurt my husband.

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