Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2020 Written Update: Pragya learns a shocking truth about Rhea!

Today’s episode starts with Abhi brings Pragya to the room. He sees her cramp and asks the hotel helper to call the doctor. Pragya says she doesn’t need the doctor and gestures to go but she feels the pain. Abhi smirks and asks Pragya to sit. He takes care of her. The duo spends the time together. Pragya recalls her moment with Abhi.

There, Shahana and Prachi gets excited seeing the Lohri decoration. Prachi miss hoshiyaarpur. Shahana asks her to enjoy this moment. Ranbir talks with Aryan and sees Prachi. He gets mesmerized seeing her and recalls his moments with her. Meanwhile, Tushar comes to Prachi and apologize her for his past behavior. Prachi asks Tushan not to be sorry. Ranbir comes to Tushar and feels uncomfortable seeing Prachi consoling Tushar. Prachi’s bracelet falls and Ranbir picks it up. Later, Rhea calls Maya and asks her to impress her by trapping Ranbir.

Other side, Aliya spots Pragya and Abhi together. She taunts Pragya for tyring to making place in Abhi’s life. Pragya gives a be-fitted reply to Aliya. Ahead, Aliya tells to Pragya that her daughter whom they raised up hates her. Pragya stands teary and asks Aliya to shut up.

Here, Ranbir flirts with Maya and Prachi gets irks. Aryan text to Ranbir that Prachi is getting jealous and it is a good sign. Ranbir gets happy and flirts more with Maya. Aliya sees Ranbir and Maya and thinks to execute her plan to defame Ranbir.

Prachi sees Ranbir flirting with Maya and gets irked, Shahana asks Prachi let Ranbir do what he wants to. Vikram comes and spots Maya and Ranbir. He then suggests to Ranbir to impress girl’s mother first and daughter will be impressed automatically.

Here, Abhi goes to room and find Pragya missing. He goes to Aliya and confronts her. He asks Aliya why Pragya left. Aliya tells to Abhi that she told Pragya that her daughter hates her. Abhi asks Aliya to stay away from his and Pragya’s matter. Rhea, sees Abhi yelling at Aliya for Pragya and tells to him that she never wants to meet her mother. Abhi stands shocked.