Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2021 Written Update: Prachi confesses her love for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 17th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today’s episode starts with Sahana stopping Prachi. Prachi asks Sahana not to stop her today as she wants to escape from the place. Sahana stops Prachi and asks her to listen. Prachi says to Sahana what she wants to hear from her. She asks Sahana if she wants to hear from her that whether she love Ranbir or not. Prachi confess her love for Ranbir and says she can’t see him marrying Riya. She add she will go to the temple and will ask God why he send Ranbir in her life if they can’t stay together. Prachi leaves. Aryan come. Sahana says to Aryan that Prachi love Ranbir. Aryan says he heard Prachi and now they need to stop Ranbir’s wedding.

Sahana and Aryan goes to Ranbir to tell him the truth. Aliya tries to stop Aryan from telling Prachi’s truth to Ranbir. Aryan shouts and tells to Ranbir that Prachi loves him. Ranbir stands shocked. Aryan and Sahana both reveal to Ranbir about Riya’s blackmail and Prachi’s sacrifice. Furious Ranbir confront Riya for messing up his life. Ranbir breaks his ties with Riya and says he will marry Prachi today. Riya tries to clear her misunderstanding. Ranbir says to Riya that if she can think bad about her own parents than none can trust her. Ranbir runs to meet Prachi.

Riya accuse Prachi for coming in between her and Ranbir. Pallavi, Riya, Mitali and others stands shocked. Ranbir meet Prachi and confront her. He asks if she is worried because Riya will separate Abhi and Pragya. Prachi stands numb. Ranbir asks Prachi not to fear as none can separate Abhi and Pragya. Prachi cry.

There, Riya loses her cool and accuse Prachi. She says Ranbir can’t marry Prachi. Tanu inform Abhi about Ranbir deciding to marry Prachi instead of Riya. Abhi gets shocked. Abhi informs Pragya about Ranbir’s decision. He asks Pragya to stop Ranbir’s wedding as he has promised Riya that he will bring latter for her. Here, Ranbir tries to convince Prachi to marry him else he will die. Prachi confesses her love for Ranbir. She cries and hug him. Prachi apologize Ranbir for troubling him. Ranbir asks Prachi not to be sorry. He propose Prachi for the wedding. Prachi worry if Pragya will accept them or not. Ranbir assure Prachi that Pragya will bless them. Later, Pragya see Prachi and Ranbir together. She slaps Prachi.

Other side, Mitali give water to Riya. Riya throws the water and asks to get Ranbir. Tanu accuse Pallavi. She says to Pallavi being a mother how she can be clueless about Ranbir’s action. Pallavi gets angry on Tanu. Tanu asks not to raise voice and try to stop the wedding. She asks to call Vikram. Vikram refuses to help Pallavi. Afterwards, Tanu asks Pradeep to make a video of Prachi and Ranbir so that she can benefit the situation.

Furthermore, Ranbir reveals to Pragay about Prachi’s sacrifice. Prachi tells to Pragya that she had chosen Abhi’s love over Ranbir. Pragya gets teary learning about Prachi’s sacrifice. She decides to get Ranbir and Prachi hitched. (Episode Ends)

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