Kumkum Bhagya 17th March 2021 Written Update: Paras and Rhea join hands to ruin Prachi image in college

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Episode starts with Dadi asks Abhi to comeout. Abhi comeout and tells her that I like white hairs and why don’t I have wire hair, I want them. Dadi says he will get once he grows old. Abhi shows his paintings to her and asks for her to choose name. Dadi says is it Gayathri. Abhi nods. Dadi says let’s name fuggi. Abhi says today onwards she is my fuggi.

Pragya tells to Abhi pic that he is her world and cries hugging Abhi pic. Abhi says where Gayathri went. Dadi says she went to home and will come in the morning after finishing her work. Abhi sleeps in Dadi lap than she taps his hair. Abhi wakesup saying don’t touch my hair otherwise I will beat you. Dadi says sorry. Abhi asks how many minutes left for sunrise. Dadi says once moon goes sun will come and that’s morning. Abhi says he will be happy once sun rises. Dadi asks why. Abhi says Gayu will come na that’s why. Dadi asks Abhi to sleep. Pragya prays god to set everything do they can live happily like a couple. Abhi wakesup suddenly because of flashes. Dadi asks what happened but he hides locking the door. Dadi cries seeing his state.

Ranbir beats Paras for defaming Prachi. Paras asks why you bother about her. Ranbir says Prachi belongs to me that’s why it bother me. Rhea asks Ranbir to stop it but they won’t. Palak brings Prachi to stop their fight. Paras says I can share my private moments with Prachi to anyone what’s your problem. Ranbir says it’s lie and you’re spoiling her image, I will kill who talks ill about Prachi. Professor says I will rusticate you from college if you won’t stop the fight and he goes to call principal. Ranbir about to beat Paras but Prachi stops him.

Paras sees Rhea and they smiles reminscing how they planned to defame Prachi. Ranbir says Paras made MMS and morphed your face in that girl place and he is defaming your Image in college with that fake mms. Prachi sees Rhea than she stops Ranbir and tells him that MMS is real not fake.

Abhi messed up everything in living room and he hides under table seeing Tanu and Mitali. They sees Abhi. Abhi says Mittu see your drawing. Mitali says call me Mitali Bhabhi not Mittu. Abhi still call her Mittu. Aliya asks what’s happening, who messed up everything. They shows Abhi. Aliya asks Mitali to get stick and she asks Abhi to come out. Abhi says you will beat me. Aliya says promise I won’t beat you. Abhi comes out and he gets shocked seeing stick with them and gets mad asking why you lied to me and he ruins everything. Aliya about to beat him but Gayathri stops her. Abhi says why you cheated me Gayathri? This Aliya is beating me and why didn’t you come even after sunrise. Mitali asks her to take stick. Gayathri says no need. Abhi raises table to hit her and he throws it away. Gayathri says sorry for late, show me the painting and let’s paint together. Abhi becomes cool and goes to his room. Gayathri goes behind him taking paintings.

Prachi says I don’t have any objection because we are together so you don’t need to worry about me so stay out of it and I will talk with Paras later and she goes out. Paras says why Prachi is supporting our act. Rhea says don’t know but Prachi is helping us by making her image low in Ranbir eyes.

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