Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update: Ashutosh’s mother argues with Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2023 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Rajvansh and Purvi getting wet in the rain. Riya says to Purvi that Rajvansh is Purvi’s life saviour. Rajvansh leaves from there. Purvi and Riya come and see a lot of people are injured so Purvi decides to help them.

Purvi helps the people who are injured in the fire. Purvi asks the ambulance driver to drive quickly. Rajvansh sees Purvi sitting in the ambulance. Purvi thanks Rajvansh seeing him. Rajvansh leaves in his car.

Yug asks Rajvansh what are they going to do now. Rajvansh stays silent. Yug asks Rajvansh if he is thinking about a girl. Rajvansh says he is thinking about something and asks him to shut up. Yug agrees. Yug thinks Rajvansh felt some connection with Purvi and he is thinking about Purvi.

Khushi says to Visakha that she has to leave. Prachi gives sweets to Khushi and asks Khushi to take it. Khushi comments as Prachi always gives sowething to them. Khushi says good bye and later leaves from there.

Ashutosh’s mother and Ashutosh come to Prachi’s house and asks Prachi where is Purvi. Prachi looks for Ashutosh for answer. Ashutosh’s mother says she needs to know where is her daughter and not her son.

Purvi sees that the ambulance got into an accident. Purvi sees that the ambulance isn’t starting and she seeks help as they have to take a patient to the hospital.

Purvi stops all the passing by vehicles but nobody agrees to help her. Purvi stops Krishna’s car. Krishna looks at Purvi and thinks of Prachi.

Purvi asks Krishna for his help saying there are patients in the ambulance. Krishna gets down from the car. Purvi thinks Krishna would not help them and comments on him. Krsihna sees Purvi is not listening to him so he directly helps the patients to get in his car. Purvi seeing this understands she misunderstood Krishna.

Divya comes to Prachi. Divya asks Prachi what is she thinking about. Prachi says there is nothing. Divya asks Prachi why is Veena this mad with Purvi. Prachi says there might be some misunderstanding.

Purvi asks a doctor to check out these patients as they have burnt injuries. Krishna learns that Purvi doesn’t have any relationship with the patients but she still helped them. Krishna takes ointment to apply it to Purvi’s marks. Purvi says she doesn’t need it. Krishna asks Purvi to think of him as her father and allow him to apply this medicine.

Krishna while applying medicine to Purvi thinks of Prachi seeing Purvi’s behaviour.

Ashutosh’s mother questions Prachi. Ashutosh’s mother shows to Prachi’s family how upset she is with them. Visakha asks Ashutosh’s mother why is she upset. Ashutosh’s mother complaints about Purvi leaving Ashutosh at the fire and Prachi scolded Ashutosh. Ashutosh’s mother comments on Prachi. Vishaka asks Prachi if she really scolded Ashutosh. Prachi explains to them that she was worried about Purvi and her safety. Prachi says Ashutosh gave his word that he will take care of Purvi and Riya. Prachi asks Ashutosh to explain

Episode ends.

Precap:- Purvi asks Krishna if he is missing his wife and daughter. Krishna says yes. Prachi is shown to be coming to the hospital.

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