Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update: Rhea manipulates Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 17th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Manish teling Tanu that he doesn’t understand what she is saying. Tanu asks him about Pragya and Abhi. He remembers Aliya words and denies but Tanu gives him money and he tells her whatever he has heard. Tanu decides to use this against Pragya. She thinks thar now this is a shock for Aliya as well. She calls someone amd says she will need him the next day.

The nurse gives injection to Abhi and tells her that rhe more he sleeps the soon he will recover. Pragya says to Abhi that she can take his teasings if it gives him happines. She tells him that she will be with him and asks him to sleep. She remembers her moments with him. Sushma sees her staring him.

Siddharth tells Ranbir that he has mailed. Prachi shouts at them to have their breakfast. Ranbir asks her to have breakfast with him. Prachi looks at Rhea and remembers her words. Rhea remembers Aliya words. Rhea asks Prachi whether she thought her to be the old Rhea. She asks her to forgive her thinking her to be insecure. Shs tells her that she is possessive for Abhi and asks her to understand her. Shs tells her that whatever hers is only hers. She asks her to think that she has gone to past and tells her that she is not understanding like her. Rhea says they got separated but she had Ranbir but she had no one. She says that she thought that she is not deserving of anyone’s love and breaks into tears. Prachi tells her that they are with her and apologises to her. Rhea says she will never do any stupidity if she gets love. Shs remember Aliya words and asks her to love her and tells her that she loves her. Prachi promises her not to leave her alone. Prachi hugs her while Rhea thinks that she is being with her just for Ranbir. Ranbir teases them. Rhea comes and sits near Ranbir and stares at him which Siddharth notices and asks to leave.

Pragya opens the door to see Aliya standing there. Shs tells her that she don’t want to argue and wants to meet Abhi. Tanu comes there and says she is here to do what she should do. She brings her lawyer and asks to talk with her lawyer.

Rhea wonders as to what Ranbir has seen in Prachi and he deserves a smart girl like her. Siddharth asks Rhea what problem does she have with him. Rhea says there is nothing. Rhea argues with him when he asks her as to why she ignores him.

Pragya asks Tanu as to why she thinks that she will answer to her. Tanu asks whether she is here to break the contract but she is here to break her pride. Pragya says she thinks her to be greedy. Tanu goes to meet Abhi asking her to talk with Lawyer. Lawyer asks for the contract.

Siddharth tells Ranbir to neet him in the cabin. Rabir asks him whether he is fine and asks him to share his stress with him and offers to help. Ranbir tells him that if he works then he don’t have to work. Ranbir says he won’t tell Prachi. Siddharth asks him to chill. Ranbir drags him and swears on himself to tell him. Siddharth promises to tell him at the house. Ranbir promises him to fix everything. Ranbir thinks and the Screen Freezes on thoughtful Ranbir.

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