Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update: Sid escapes from the Goons

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Pallavi asking Shaina and Rhea what’s happening. Shaina says whatever she heard is wrong. Alia stops Shaina and asks Pallavi to say what she wants to say. Pallavi apologizes to Rhea for supporting Prachi. Ranbir thinks he may pick up Sid if his phone is on. Pallavi says to Rhea that she has to act infront of her family and you know that I can’t trust Prachi completely. Ranbir overhears Pallavi and Rhea’s conversation. Pallavi says now everyone is saying they trust Prachi but Ranbir also doubted Prachi and she left the house and these reports are proving accusations against Prachi are correct. Ranbir enters inside. He asks Pallavi to stop doubting her daughter’s in law and he tells them that he will always trust Prachi. Pallavi asks why he is talking in this way even after seeing the report. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he loves and trusts Prachi and I never doubted Prachi so I’m requesting you to not talk anything against Prachi as I will not say anything, will leave from here. Pallavi slaps him.

Goons follow Sid’s car. At the junction, Goon is about to attack him but inspector Mahesh who is a friend of Sid meets him. Goons left from there after seeing the inspector. Pallavi asks Ranbir ”won’t they have any value in his life except Prachi”? She says she accepted Prachi for his happiness but she can’t close her eyes after seeing DNA reports. She can’t give her love to Prachi. Ranbir says his love is blind, he says he loves his mom and tells her that she is the one who made him a good human with values and I learned from the world that we can’t make everyone happy and that’s what I’m following. He asks them to not talk anything against Prachi. He asks them to keep their thoughts with them as he trusts Prachi and says even if 100 reports come, then also my trust will not break. Aryan tells them the Police came.

Ranbir asks Inspector Mahesh why he came to their house. Sid comes there gasping. Alia gets shocked. She thinks hope no one finds out about her attempt of killing Sid using a contract killer. Sid takes everyone’s blessings. Sid says Mahesh is his friend and came with him and he is gasping as he loses in the race. He makes Mahesh meet his family. Mahesh leaves after meeting them. Pallavi asks Sid, won’t he understand their tension? She asks him to answer her question. Dida asks him to wait until Prachi comes. Rhea goes to Prachi’s room and calls her saying Sid has arrived. Prachi says Rhea that she is going to get exposed and asks her to accept her crimes. Shahana mocks Rhea and asks her to accept the offer. Rhea tells her she will be out with Prachi once Sid tells the truth. She leaves.

Alia calls Goon and questions why he didn’t stop Sid. Goon tells what happened. Alia scolds them and tells she will kill them if she has any problem. She warns them to return her money and cuts the call. Rhea tells everyone that Prachi is coming. Prachi comes there with Shahana. Sid asks how’s she. Prachi says she is fine and asks how’s he. Sid says fine. Rhea says it’s visible how close they are. Shahana says it’s a convo of friends. They argue with each other. Sid asks what’s happening. Dida says he needs to clear the confusion. Rhea asks if Prachi is carrying his baby. Sid asks what’s she saying. Pallavi asks Sid to answer. Sid says Prachi is not going to be my baby’s mother. Prachi feels happy.

Episode ends.

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