Kumkum Bhagya 18th December 2019 Written Update: Pragya thinks Prachi and Ranbir are in love

The episode starts with Abhi and Pragya on phone when they are about to speak they both gets disturbed by traffic. Pragya then speaks with Shahana and asks her to come home soon. Later Saritha Ben speaks with Shahana who scolds her for escaping via window in that condition. Abhi reprimands Shahana to talk politely with elders. They cuts the call.

Pallavi and her mother in law discuss about Prachi’s life getting ruined if the marriage took place. They both felt proud of Ranbir. They say that he’s exactly like Abhi. Ranbir on the other hand decides to leave but Pragya stops him. She asks him to change into Rishi’s clothes. Pragya asks Prachi to give Rishi’s clothes to Ranbir. Prachi leaves with Ranbir. Prachi takes the clothes from cupboard and Ranbir stands very close to her. Prachi turns and gets frightened seeing him. She scolds him for standing so close. She gives the clothes to Ranbir and asks him to change. Ranbir comes back changing and finds Prachi holding a glass of water. He takes the glass from her and drinks the water. Prachi says that it’s her water and Ranbir gets irked at her for making it an issue. They both fight when Pragya comes there. They both complaint about the other person to her and Pragya gets reminded of herself and Abhi. She looks smiling at them and asks Prachi to behave as Ranbir saved her life. She gives the bandaid to Prachi and asks her to bandage Ranbir. Ranbir denies and once again quarrels with her. Pragya forces them to help each other and leaves.

Pragya is smiling thinking about Ranbir and Prachi. Saritha Ben sees her and asks what happened. She says about Ranbir and Prachi and says that they are in love. She’s happy for both of them so is Saritha Ben. She says that they will have her blessings for sure. They both go to check on them only to find them still quarreling . Saritha Ben asks if this is what she said about love. Pragya says that it’s a way of love and her love story is the same. She says the more they fight the strong the love is. Prachi dresses Ranbir’s wound admist the quarrel.

On the other hand Abhi and Shahana comes home and Abhi decides to meet Prachi and check on her. They both wait outside and Pragya opens the door. is waiting for Ranbir when Sanju comes there. He asks her to let him stay there but Rhea denies as it’s dangerous. Sanju says about Ranbir loving Prachi and she gets furious and is about to slap him but he holds her hand. Abhi leaves as it got late and don’t want to disturb them. Pragya runs after his car. Abhi sees Pragya’s image in side mirror and gets shocked.