Kumkum Bhagya 18th February 2020 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir is on engement mission

Episode starts with. Prachin and Ranbir went Maya’s house. Maya’s parents asks them who they are. They lie about there identities and said they are here for Maya’s outfit. Maya’s mother takes outfit from prachi and ask them to make there self comfortable. Prachi asks her what Maya’s fiance do. She replies his name is Mohit. And he’s father works in politics so do he.

After Prachi and Ranbir got there answer they went away. Ranbir said to Prachi, this engement is very important for Maya’s family so they can threat Maya by using this situation. There comes Sahana and Ranbir’s  friend and asking duo what they are talking about.

On the other side Rhea said sorry to Aliya as she takes big decision. Aliya said to her this is not the problem. the problem is now Prachi wants to do something big so we have to stop her. So she asks Rhea to look after Prachi. Here, Sahana asks Prachi what they are up to. Prachi said we are going to threat.Maya as she wants Maya to tell everyone the truth behind her lies. and if she didn’t tell truth, they going to destroy her image in front of her in-laws.

In morning Prachi came and said Sahana to get up. Sarita came and asks both of them to getting ready as they have to go with her on a engement party. While Sahana lies to her. And said they can’t go because Prach is to much starts getting hurt so they wants to cancel this program. Sarita is okay  with this.

Maya calls Rhea early in the morning. But Rhea didn’t pick up her phone call. But she again calls her and said to her if you cut my call again am going to back out from your plan. Rhea said fine back out. But Maya suddenly changed her behaviour after listening this. And asks Rhea for forgiveness for he rude behaviour. Rhea asks her why she’s calling her. She saidshe just wants to ask about necklace. Rhea said she buy that for her. Maya become happy and she ends the phone call.

There, Aliya came to Abhi for some paper work. Abhi asks her not to spoil Rhea as she give money to her which is wrong. Aliya said sorry to him and she went. On the other side Vikram call Abhi as his hotel staff didn’t do anythings and wants him to help his hotel work. Abhi said no to him as he want to complete his work first. Vikram asks Ranbir to help him but he also said no to him and runs away from him.

There, Sarita and Pragya talking about there work. Vikram also come and asks about Sarita. Here, Rabir came to Prachi’s house and calls her to meet him outside. But they starts doing nok-jhok again. After they both ends there nok-jhok. they went for Maya’s house so they can get to know her engement venu. Duo saw Maya’s family members and starts following them.

Meanwhile, Sarita and Prgya decorate Vikram’s hotel.Vikram thank them for helping him. While Sahana wants to call Prachi. Sahana asks Prachi what’s going on but as she tease Ranbir.And suddenly phone calls end. And afterwards suddenly his car dump into Abhi. He asks him what is this. This is how you driving and asks him were he is going. Ranbir lies to him and said. He is went for Vikram’s hotel for some work. Abhi said to him come with him. As he also going to the hotel.

There, Rhea call Maya and said she’s here with her necklace and suddenly she bumps into flowers pot. Sarita scolds her as because of her pot falls. And she didn’t even asks for forgiveness. While Pragya asks her why she’s shouting. Sarita said this girl Rhea bumps into this and didn’t even say sorry. When pragya see Rhea she hugged her and asks Sarita for her forgiveness. On the behalf of Rhea. This made Rhea happy and she said to Pragya that she is best.

Episode ends with. Trio came to Vikram’s hotel. Abhi went and Prachi see poster with Mohit weds Maya. She tells this to Ranbir. After this they got to know this is Maya’s engagement venue.