Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2020 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir executed their plan

Episode starts with. Prachi and Ranbir gets to know. Maya’s engagement is going to happen in Vikram’s hotel. Duo thinks maybe Vikram doesn’t know about this engagement is, Maya’s engagement. Abhi enters the engagement party where Pragya is setting up the decoration. They both turn around and find each other. But Abhi’s phone falls and again they can’t see is others.

Here, Rhea came to Maya and give her diamond necklace. And asks her about deal. Maya said deal is on as she gives her diamond necklace as a gift. On the other hand Vikram forgive hotel staff members and wants to prove them next time. While Abhi came and asking for food.

There, Pragya divided staffs into three teams so they can end engagement work soon. Sahana tells Pragya that Mr kolhi and his friend came for eating snacks. While Maya wears diamond necklace and asks Rhea how she’s looking. Rhea said she looks good. There Sarita ben came. She suspects Maya and Rhea while they were talking.

Meanwhile, Vikram and Abhi meet Mr chobey. Mr chobey asks Abhi to sing a song for his daughter’s engagement party. Abhi agrees with that. After this Abhi and Vikram saw Maya and they got to know. It’s her engagement. While Sahanaspoils Pragya snakes plate. And Abhi wants to cancel this engement party. But Virakm asks him to cool down him self as he can’t cancelled this. Because of contract.

Here, Prachi and Ranbir asks waiter about Maya’s room. He tells them. Her room no. Here, Rhea asks duo, other dancers are waiting for them as they wears marksso she can’t recognise them. Prachi and Ranbir dance together. There Pragya is waiting for Vikram and his friend. While they both talking with each other’s. Pragya calls Vikramand asking for snacks.

There, Prachi feels somthing for Rabir while they were dancing together. Ranbir asks her, what happens did he do something wrong. Prachi said stay still. She came close to Ranbir hold his hand. And duo sharing romantic moments again. Prachi suddenly asks Rabir to stay away. Ranbir asks him whats going on, i can’t understand your behaviour. Prachi said fight with me like before don’t be nice with me. Am not liking it. Ranbir asks Prachi if you want to ask me something then just do it. Prachi said leave everything just focused on our plan for Maya’s conference. Rhea hears everything while duo is talking.

Abhi and Vikram doing nok-jhok and starts teasing each other. Here, comes Pragya with snakes. But Sarita ben took Pragya with her. And again Abhi and Pragya can’t meet each others. On other hand, Rhea calls Maya and ask her to meet. There Sarita ben tells Pragya about Maya’s and Rhea’s friendship. But Pragya don’t believes her words and asks her not to think to much.

Maya came in her room and Asks Rhea why she wants to meet her. While duo came as they see Maya in her room. But Rhea and Maya hides from them in bathroom. Maya’s mom came and asks duo where is Maya. And starts calling Maya. Rhea said to Maya you go. Maya came from bathroom. She and her mother went as Maya’s father calling them.

Here, Rhea still hides in bathroom(Episode end)