Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update: Killer kidnaps Pragya from hospital

Kumkum Bhagya 19th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya asks stranger to drive fastly. Prachi tells to Shahana that she is feeling strange. Shahana asks her to relax. Prachi says Mom is not attending call Andi feel it’s good if we contact police. Shahana advices Prachi to call Saritha aunty. Prachi calls Saritha and asks if her parents are fine. Saritha says they will be fine. Prachi asks why you sounds low, tell me the truth. Saritha ji says someone wants to ki your parents. Prachi gets shocked and she goes to search her parents with Shahana.

Stranger says they reached to hospital and leaves after placing Abhi in stretcher. Pragya asks Doctor to help her. Doctor says their are many emergencies because of bus husband. Pragya takes someone phone and calls Purab and ask him to come to city hospital saying Abhi is injured with Bullet. Purab couldn’t hear properly but he hears city hospital name. Killer makes Pragya unconscious and takes her from hospital. Aliya asks what happened. Purab says couldn’t hear properly but they are at city hospital. Inspector leaves saying he will met them at hospital with case file. Purab thanks inspector.

Dadi asks Saritha to call Prachi and informs her that Abhi and Pragya are fine. Saritha calls her and informs her that Abhi and Pragya are at City hospital. Shahana tells to Prachi that their is no vehicle because of Bandh in city. Saritha asks Prachi to return home but Prachi denies. Purab asks Aliya to call driver to pick Prachi at her home and asks him to get them to city hospital. Aliya calls Rhea and Informs her about it telling your Dad is at City hospital. Rhea asks what happened to Dad. Aliya asks her to do it like she said. Rhea goes saying she needs to be with her Dad. Ranbir overhears that Abhi is in risk.

Pragya gains her conscious and notices she is tied to pole and thinks how she reached to this Godown and she shouts for help. Doctor sees Abhi in stretcher and asks nurse to admit him but that nurse forget it seeing other emergencies

Rhea drives rashly, Mitali gets scared and asks her to save her anger for Pragya because she is with Abhi. Rhea shuts her. Purab reaches to hospital and asks for Pragya and Abhi. Receptionist says their is noone with those names and asks them to leave. Purab fights with her than he calls founder of that hospital to know about Abhi and Pragya, he turns aside and notices Abhi in stretcher and he shouts for Doctor. Everyone gets shocked seeing Abhi in stretcher and nurses takes Abhi to operation theatre.

Prachi fell down while searching for vehicle. Ranbir helps her to get up saying he came to take her to hospital and assures her that nothing will happen to chief. They goes to hospital. Doctor checks Abhi and says bullet hits his head and he asks nurse to arrange for operation. Purab request him to save Abhi. Aliya says your Di left Abhi Bhai in stretcher and where is she. Purab says she might be in some problem because she can never leave Abhi.

Pragya shouts to open her ties. Killer shuts her saying wish that we kill you at jungle with your husband. Pragya thinks glad these people didn’t know that Abhi is alive. Killer says you didn’t save your husband and left his body at jungle and went to hospital to save yourself and wait for sometime than our boss will reach here. Pragya thinks to escape before their boss reaches otherwise he will kill me.

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