Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update: Ranbir bails out Prachi and Shahana

Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ranbir asking Shahana if she is pregnant. Lady says yes as I heard their conversation. Ranbir hugs Shahana and Prachi for the good news. Prachi gets emotional. Ranbir asks why you’re looking emotional, we have to celebrate it. Lady says she is pregnant without marriage that’s why worried. Constable released them saying they gets bail. Ranbir asks the Lawyer how he knows about Shahana. Lawyer tells he called the station to get the information. Ranbir tells he did well. Prachi and Shahana sign the papers. The lawyer tells Ranbir to use his car. Ranbir thanks him.

Aliya and Pallavi return home from shopping. Aliya tells Rhea that she will never accompany Pallavi shopping. Rhea says it’s for my surprise and she thanks Pallavi. Aliya says I helped her by telling her what you like. Pallavi says that’s true. Daljeet thinks why Ranbir didn’t bring Prachi home. Ranbir makes Shahana in the backside as it’s good for the baby. Prachi sits with Shahana. On the way, Ranbir says he is taking them to his house as Saritha aunty was not in Mumbai to take care of you. Shahana says she doesn’t have clothes. Ranbir assures her to bring new clothes to her and she asks Shahana to feel happy.

Vikram asks Pallavi to show them what she brought. Pallavi handovers the gifts to Vikram, Daljeet, and Neeti then she tells this time we are wearing parande and it’s going to be a Punjabi theme. Aliya says Pallavi tried them on her. Vikram teases her. Pallavi tells this is special Lohri as Rhea and Ranbir got married this year and she tells the new couple will take rounds around Lohri for their longevity of the relationship. Rhea asks if they did it too. Pallavi agrees and Vikram says it’s the reason behind their long together. Rhea tells why Ranbir didn’t come home. Daljeet asks if they didn’t tell her. Aliya tells her she forgot to inform her. Ranbir helps Shahana. She says she is fine still he helps her saying he loves kids and tells her about his dreams. That time he gets flashes of his moments with Prachi.

Prachi asks if he is fine. Ranbir says I’m not getting what but I feel I had this moment with you and read some letter. Prachi thinks about their encounter then she asks him to stop his nonsense as he already told her. Ranbir questions if she feels his dreams as nonsense. Prachi says dreams won’t be fulfilled when there is no hard work. Ranbir says you mean I’m not hardworking? I already achieved my 2 dreams then how can you talk in this way? You became stone hearted, sorry you don’t have a heart. Prachi says I used to have heart but you broke it. Ranbir tells he won’t live in past like her. Prachi tells he is getting scared of being exposed as he did a mistake. Ranbir tells live in the past as I won’t love and care for you. Prachi says well as I’m not the Prachi whom you loved. Ranbir says exactly as you become worse that nobody in the world can fall for you.

Rhea asks Aliya what she wanted to tell her. Pallavi tells Ranbir left to office. Aliya tells they don’t want her to spoil the mood. Rhea tells how can he, anyways leave it and she goes with Neeti to arrange for dinner. Pallavi tells wish Prachi won’t get bail so we can celebrate happily. Daljeet tells how many days they are planning to hide everything from Rhea. Pallavi tells they don’t want Rhea to spoil her mood knowing Ranbir went to the station for Prachi. Daljeet asks why they didn’t think about it before they made Prachi arrested. Pallavi asks Vikram to handle his Mom and she tells him that she can’t make everyone happy. Daljeet says don’t otherwise you can’t make anyone happy. Aliya thinks about why Vikram is not supporting Pallavi.

Episode ends.

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