Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2021 Written Update: Tanu terminates Pragya/Gayathri from her job

Kumkum Bhagya 19th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ranbir leaves angrily from hospital. Parth says Prachi. Prachi says stay here otherwise everyone will know that you’re acting. Prachi goes out and reminsces how Parth planned to lodge complaint against Ranbir taking his doctor uncle help, Prachi warns him to don’t do it otherwise I will complaint against you for fake mms than your future gets ruined. Parth asks why you’re supporting him, previously you’re on my side.

Prachi says I don’t want You to ruin Ranbir life and keep it between us and I will care for you in the hospital and she asks Parth friends to make Ranbir reach the hospital. Parth asks what you want? Prachi says I just want hate of Ranbir. Prachi breaksdown in hospital while reminscing her past moments with Ranbir. Aryan gets to know what happened at college through his friend and he feels worried for Ranbir.

Aliya says my decisions are final in this house and don’t interrupt me ever. Tanu says why are you telling her politely, talk with her like other servants because these people understand that language only and how dare you crisis your limits Gayathri? Mitali says yes, she is even locking the room when she is with Abhi. Pragya/Gayathri places something in her mouth and says you’re not behaving like his sister and you’re not taking care of him like Bhabhi. Tanu says it’s enough, leave from here because we are terminating you. Pragya gets shocked. Mitali asks Gayathri to leave saying Tanu will handle Abhi. Gayathri leaves.

Vikram asks why are you calling me repeatedly. Pallavi says Ranbir is very angry and strange breaking sounds coming from his room and he didn’t answered me. Ranbir comes downstairs with box and hr apologies to his Mom for his previous behaviour. Rhea comes to them. Ranbir says I’m ready to marry Rhea so arrange for engagement. Vikram asks why you changed. Ranbir says this will make Mom happy so let it be. Vikram says what about you? Ranbir says I just need what Mom needs. Vikram asks where is he going. Ranbir says to finish the incomplete work. At outside Pragya thinks how to re-enter home again.

At home Prachi cries reminscing her moments with Ranbir. Someone knocks the door. Prachi opens it thinking Mom but she gets shocked seeing Ranbir. Ranbir says I know you do t want to see my face but I came here to show something, he shows her photos and things belongs to them which he treasured until now and he asks if she remember those moments? You want me to remove you from heart that’s why I came here to burn our moments to release myself from you, he burns everything and tells her that he is free from her once everything turns to ashes and he breaks his every relationship with her and throws his ring in fire.

Prachi feels the pain. Ranbir says I forgot to tell you something, tomorrow it’s my engagement with Rhea because Rhea loves me and I don’t want you to attend it but you can come with Parth if you wish too attend it and he leaves from Prachi place in tears. Prachi cries badly and breaksdown at door steps. Shahana takes her inside.

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