Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2024 Written Update: Monisha makes Purvi jealous

Kumkum Bhagya 1st June 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Krishna and Prachi coming face to face. Krishna and Prachi couldn’t believe it at first that they are seeing the other but they realise that it is real. Prachi hugs Krishna.

Hermal and other Malhotra family members talk about RV as he is not on the house. Hermal and Vikram say to Harleen and others that RV should attend an important meeting but he is nowhere to be seen. The servant comes and says to Malhotra family that RV is chasing a guy shouting he is the one who framed Sukhi. Monisha understands RV is chasing Sukhi.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he is real. Ranbir says he is real. Gajendra’s wife come to Ranbir and asks KK if the door has been opened. Ranbir says yes. Prachi understands Ranbir is KK. Prachi leaves from there.

Hermal asks Harleen what is going on as they talked to RV but he is still doing all of this. Deepika says RV is under Purvi’s control. Harleen says no matter what happens Purvi will leave this house. Harleen says either Purvi will go to jail or RV will drop Purvi at her home.

Monisha confronts Purvi and talks to her about the counterfeit currency. Purvi says she knows Monisha is the one who put the counterfeit currency to frame her and she did this because. Monisha says to Purvi because she is staying in her place and says RV belongs to her and says the room she is staying in also belongs to her. Purvi comments on Monisha and says to Monisha that until she stays here RV will belong to her and comments on it.

Monisha says to Vikram that he should talk to RV and convince RV not to help Purvi. Vikram agrees.

RV and Yug return home. Vikram asks RV why is he trying to help Purvi and he is chasing a goon. RV says he is trying to help Purvi because he this Purvi is innocent. RV also says he is doing this because their name is tied with Purvi. RV says to Vikram this is the last time he will help Purvi. Purvi overhears it from afar.

Prachi thinks why did Ranbir come infront of her like this and comments on him. Prachi refuses to talk to Ranbir and leaves from there.

Monisha and Deepika complaint to Harleen about Purvi. Harleen says to Monisha that she doesn’t want to talk about Purvi as soon she is going to leave this house. Deepika takes Monisha away from there.

Harleen calls Purvi and reminds Purvi that she warned her RV should not get even a scratch because of her and now he is chasing a goon because of her. Purvi tries to explain to Harleen. Harleen comments on Purvi and sends her away.

Deepika reminds Monisha how she used to be with RV when they were friends and asks Monisha to become RV’s friend again. Deepika asks Monisha to make Purvi so much jealous that she will leave on her own seeing them together. Monisha agrees.

Monisha comes to RV and says to RV that she ordered a coffee for him. RV thanks Monisha. Monisha her news designs go RV. Purvi brings the coffee. Purvi gets jealous seeing RV and Monisha’s close proximity. Purvi gives coffee and leaves from there.

Purvi talks with Manpreet over the phone. Manpreet talks with Purvi as her court hearing has been postponed to tomorrow. Manpreet says the only good thing in her life is RV. Purvi thinks RV promising Monisha that he will marry her.

Episode ends.

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