Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2021 Written Update: Pragya gets shocked seeing shattered room of Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 1st March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with on the way Pragya remembers her moments with Abhi and recent happenings that how Aliya didn’t allow her to meet Abhi and she stops cab far from Abhi place to enter the house. Digvijay asks Killer to finish his unfinished work. Killer says you will get good news very soon.

Digvijay says you will get money after finishing the work. Killer sees so much security at Abhi place and thinks seems like Abhi is alive and they knows that Abhi life is in risk that’s why they kept so much security. Guards senses someone presence and goes to behind killer to caught him but Killers hides in car and escapes from Guards and tries to enter Abhi house but Lady Guard stops him and shouts for other guards. Guards surrounds the killer. Pragya notices it’s same killer.

Killer thinks it’s better to escape from them and runs from that place. Guards won’t follow thinking who will guard house. Pragya goes behind killer. Aliya and other family members comes out. Guards tells to Aliya that some thief tried to enter but he ran away seeing security. Aliya asks are they sure it’s man. security says yes.

Digvijay sees Killer and thinks work might be finished. Killer goes to car and tells him about tight security at Abhi place. Pragya notices face mask in car and holds Digvijay neck and asks him show his face but he runs from her. Pragya follows him. Killer start the car and Digvijay escapes from Pragya with killer help. Pragya thinks Abhi life is still in danger and she goes back to Abhi place.

Aliya tells to others that this man might be plan of Pragya to enter our place. Pragya listens everything and thinks to enter house from Backside. Mitali says let’s go inside because Pragya won’t accept her defeat. Pragya goes backside enter inside with ladder help.

Mitali listens some sound and goes to call Aliya. Pragya hides from her. Mitali beings Aliya and others out saying someone entered house and she goes to call Security. Aliya says how can someone enters after so much security, it can be Pragya.

Security and others checks the house than Pragya goes upstairs. Aliya sees Pragya and calls Police. Pragya opens the door throwing Aliya aside and gets shocked seeing shattered room. Pragya thinks why this room is looking in this way.

Security drags Pragya out from room and Aliya locks the room. Police enters home. Pragya begs family members to tell her what happened to Abhi but everyone stands silent, Pragya asks Inspector to know what they are hiding. Aliya asks inspector to arrest Pragya.

Pragya resists saying something wrong is happening with my husband and I won’t go from here because I have more right in this house than these people. Aliya says I know youre here for property.

Pragya shouts saying don’t blame me, I don’t leave from here without knowing the truth. Aliya says you have to leave. Pragya says you’re scared that I will found the truth and you’re hiding the truth that killers are still behind Abhi and I’m daughter in law of this house and won’t leave from here. Inspector says Pragya is correct and she can lodge domestic violence case if she is daughter in law of this house.

Aliya says they are divorced. Pragya says you took sign saying those are property papers that’s to kidnapping my daughter but we are remarried 3 days back and whole house witnessed it but these people are hiding it. Aliya says she don’t have any proof. Pragya says Meera is proof for my marriage and she calls for Meera. Aliya sats Meera went from here because her contract is over, tell me if you have any other proof.

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