Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2020 Written Update:  Rhea’s evil plan

Episode starts with.Prachi wants to know who’s in bathroom but she finds nothing. She came from bathroom and said to Ranbir that there is no one. Prachi’s earrings falls Ranbir help herto put that on. Both Prachi and Ranbir sharing some romantic moments. While Rhea watching them. She’s getting jealous.

Sahana put oil on the floor so she can gets her revenge from Aaryan. Later Aaryan came and falls. Sahana starts laughing on him. She made video and said you want laugh on me. Now when ever you want laugh watch this video of yours. And she runs from him.

There Mr kolhi call Ranbir and asks him what he is doing. Ranbir said lie to him that he is doing some office work. Mr kolhi appetites him as Ranbir helps him . Pragya is behinds them. After Ranbir hangup call. Pragya asks him why he is lying to his fathet. Here, Sahana came and save duo from pragya. Then Pragya asks prachi to light up lamp. And asks Ranbir to help his father.

Pragya and Ranbir talking with each other. While Aaryan come and ask  about Sahana as she plays prank with him. Sahana is hiding inside the  table. Ranbir saw her. He asked her to come out. And asks her why are you hiding here. While Sahana asks prachi to help her as Aaryan wants to beat her.

Here, Rhea got to know that Prachi and Ranbiris lying . And feels relax as duo left each other for some moment. Rhea wants to harm Prachi by giving her electric shock. While Sarita spies on her. Here, Mr chobey asks Abhi to sing for his daughter. But Abhi don’t want to sing. Mr chobey requested as he can do anything for his daughter. After this Abhi agrees with him.

Rhea take some water from waiter. She throws waters on floor and put electric wireso when Prachi came here she gets harm with electricity shock. Prachi came to light up diya. And Rhea thinks what if Prachi die because of electricity shock and wants to stop her. But she remembers how prachi wants to spoil her plan. And she stops her self. (Episode ends)