Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update: Pallavi taunts Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 21st June 2022 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Prachi collapsing on the road with tears. She thinks no one wished her even though she is pregnant. She apologises to her baby and tells her that Ranbir cheated on them. Ranbir meets Rhea and asks if she is fine. Rhea apologises to him for spoiling his birthday party. Ranbir asks Rhea how she fell unconscious. Rhea says she doesn’t know. Ranbir thinks she doesn’t know about her pregnancy.

Family members come there and reveal to her that she is pregnant and congratulate her. Rhea asks if it’s true. Alia says it’s true. Pallavi tells her husband that she wants to arrange a big party for Rhea. Rhea asks Ranbir if Prachi knows it. Ranbir recalls Prachi presents there and leaves. Prachi walks lost on the roads. Shahana takes her aside.

Ranbir feels worried about Prachi and searches for her. Shahana makes Prachi sit in the table. She notices she is suffering from fever and goes to get a tablet. Prachi recalls her moments with Ranbir and looks devasted. Shahana asks her to take the tablet. Ranbir reaches home and searches for Prachi. Servant tells him Prachi didn’t come back. Ranbir thinks about where Prachi went. Pallavi and others bring Rhea home. Rhea tells him that Pallavi and Alia are taking so much care of her. Vikram asks Ranbir why he looks tense. Ranbir asks where is Prachi? Prachi stops near the door step. Shahana asks why she stopped. Prachi tells how she is feeling. Shahana consoles her and asks her to give sometime to settle this toofan. Prachi enters inside.

Alia says you have to stay happy but you’re worried about Prachi. Dida says he looks not happy. Alia says Rhea is giving an heir to this house and won’t you accept her as this house’s daughter in law? You can accept Rhea or not but don’t make Rhea worry as she is pregnant. Pallavi agrees with Alia. Prachi comes there. Ranbir says Mom. Pallavi warns Ranbir to not take Prachi’s name in front of Rhea and at least take good care of Rhea as your baby mother if you won’t love her and her baby is going to be our heir. She assigns a duty to the worker to take care of Rhea.

Rhea says so much love pampering and it’s like a dream. Pallavi hugs her and says it’s time to make your dreams real so sleep well as tomorrow it’s going to be a celebrations day. Ranbir asks Celebrations. Vikram says your Mom organised a function where people will bless Rhea and her baby. Pallavi asks Ranbir to take Rhea to her room. Ranbir holds Rhea and is about to take her then he notices Prachi and stops. Alia asks him to take Rhea. Ranbir takes her.

Pallavi comes to Prachi and says you can’t think good but you can congratulate your sister. She leaves with Alia. Shahana takes Prachi with her. Ranbir makes Rhea sit. Rhea stops him from leaving and asks him what happened. Ranbir says he is going to meet Prachi. Rhea asks what he wants to talk with Prachi. Ranbir says so many things and leaves from there. Prachi tells to Shahana that she thought Ranbir will start a new life with her and her baby but I’m mad to assume it and Ranbir ruined my dreams. Shahana asks her to not cry as it will affect the baby. Prachi says her dreams won’t get fulfilled and love is just betrayal.

Episode ends.

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