Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2019 Written Update: Misunderstanding is arising between Abhishek and Pragya

Episode begins. Abhishek is trying to convince the police officer to register the FIR against rishi for instigating his niece to commit suicide. Pragya says to Abhishek that lawyer is on the way and he will arrive soon to bail out Rishi. Abhishek says to pragya that you are siding with a criminal pragya cuts him off in between and told him that you are framing him as a criminal wrongly, he is not at fault. Abhishek becomes helpless and again looks at inspector with hope but he says you are saying me about a suicide letter but you are not able to produce it at police station and we can’t help you in this matter. the lawyer of Russia arrives at the police station and they starts the proceedings with the inspector. Abhi says to pragya that he wants to talk to her in private. Both of them went to a secret room in the police station and Abhishek says to pragya that she is actually giving support to a wrong person. On the other hand, Priyanka reached hotel room hide herself from the world. things that by now the news of her suicide must be final because she belongs to the family of the rockstar Abhishek Mehra. She checks the television for any news related to her but didn’t find any. She gets restless to wonder why she is not in use by now but then she tries to come herself by thinking that maybe 24 hours is not over and that is why her missing report is not yet registered. She thinks she has made a successful plan and she will be able to win the life of rishi with it and this will be a perfect punishment for him for declining to marry her.

Abhi and Pragya argue with each other and Pragya says I am not against you but with the truth. Abhi says you will take stand against me. Pragya says you will never be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

Priyanka is a cunning girl and I am sure she is up to something suspicious. Abhishek gets upset and he left from there. Pragya also hot upset to see Abhi is disheartened. Abhishek gets into thought how he will face the grandmother of Priyanka as she handed over the responsibility of her to him. He comes back home to find her call in waiting.

He tells her over the phone that he will check with the airlines company regarding the whereabouts of Priyanka. At night Abhi is remembering Pragya and gets teary eyed, both are holding so much of sadness against each other. Abhi says you always thought of me as wrong person whereas Pragya thinks you never understand me at all. They get sad in each other’s thoughts.

In the next morning, Pragya talks with Rishi about she believes in him. She asks him to be cautious as Priyanka is after his entire life and career. On the other hand, Priyanka gets frustrated to find no news in paper regarding her. Being frustrated and angry she decided to let the media people know about it herself.