Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2020 Written Update: Abhi assures Ranbir that he will stop the marriage

Kumkum Bhagya 21st September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Dushyant asks Pandit to start the marriage procedure from beginning. Pandit asks bride father to do Gadhbandan. Mr Chaubay about to go but Dushyant stops him and asks Abhi to do the Gadhbandan. Aliya feels happy thinking Abhi is doing his daughter Gadhbandan. Prachi and Ranbir thinks when will Rahul gains conscious.

Madan about to hit Pragya while taking mobile but he stops at correct moment. Pragya questions him how can he drive rashly while drinking. Madan leaves. Pragya notes his vehicle number than she gets call from Saritha. Pragya asks where they went. Saritha says they are in catering.

Pragya asks for their address so she can come to help them. Saritha says function about to end so you don’t need to come here and sorry for not telling you. Pragya asks Saritha to make her talk with Prachi. Saritha cuts call saying someone is calling her.

Abhi ties Gadhbandan and assures Ranbir that his people will come soon to manage Dushyant. Ranbir thinks but I don’t want this marriage get halted.

Madan and his men ties Riya and Maya to chair. Madan says we have to kill one from them and madam didn’t give pic of person than he messages to Aliya saying she have to confirms the person he have to kill on video call. Riya acts like unconscious and thinks who’s this madam wants to kill me.

Abhi messages his men saying when they will reach. They replies 5minutes. Pallavi says this marriage won’t stop. Beeji asks Abhi to stop Pallavi but Abhi assures her that marriage will be halted. Aliya gets Madan call, she cuts it and notices Madan message.

Shahana and Aryan makes Rahul drinks the coffee still he didn’t get conscious. Aliya heards Aryan voice and goes to him and asks who’s is that person. Aryan says he is Maya boyfriend Rahul. Aliya asks what are you doing with him. Aryan says he is drunk so we are trying to wake him up to stop the Ranbir marriage. Aliya says no but then leaves after getting call and thinks Rahul must be in drowsy state until marriage is finished.

Aliya finally attends Madan video call. Madan asks her to clear the person he needs to kill. Alia asks him to show the girls faces, he goes to them and about to show Riya face but she stabs him with broken glass and escapes from that place. Aliya thinks who stand him ,hope that person won’t reaches here before completion of marriage.

Madan asks his men to catch Riya. They follows her. Maya gets conscious and asks them to leave her but they leaves asking her to shut up. Maya thinks these people are Prachi goons and escapes from that place.

Mr Chaubay says Dushyant is the reason Maya getting married to her love. Mrs Chaubay says Ranbir and his family don’t like our Maya. Dushyant says what we have to Do. Mr Chaubay says I feel Abhi is planning something. Dushyant assures him nothing will happen.

Abhi takes Vikram with him to outside. Saritha thinks Ranbir is written in Prachi fate. Aliya feels happy thinking her Riya us getting married to Ranbir. Riya goes to car and tries to start it but it won’t. Goons circle her than she throws then and escapes from that location. Maya also comes out at that time.

Madan men caughts her and takes her inside. Madan goes to search Riya. Abhi men reaches to Mandap with Guns and bombs. Vikram says he don’t know how to use them. Abhi says you’re not Kohli if you can’t use them. Vikram says he us Kohli and takes the gun tensely.