Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2021 Written Update: Aliya agrees for Gayathri/Pragya’s condition

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya thinks how to re-enter the home than designer Mandira dashes her and asks if she is waiting for her. Pragya says no, I’m waiting for my mom. Mandira goes inside. Tanu says don’t take tension. Mitali says who will take care of Abhi? Aliya sats you did wrong Tanu. Tanu says she insulted us and we can get more servants like Gayathri so don’t worry. Mitali says where can we get Gayathri kind of worker who takes care of Abhi. Mandira meets them tells that she bought amazing dress designs for Rhea and she tells them that she gonna give setvant dress as complementary who’s waiting outside for her Mom. Tanu says no need, we terminated her from job. Aliya says Rhea is not yet home so show the designs to Mitali and Tanu. Tanu says I will prove that dress matters and she asks Mitali to get Abhi downstairs. Tanu goes inside with designer.

Shahana consoles Prachi. Prachi says I broke his heart and experiencing the pain when he burned our memories and told me that everything is ended between us. Shahana says you love him truly that’s why you’re having this pain, inform Everything to Ranbir otherwise I will inform him. Prachi stops her saying Ranbir is not written in her fate. Shahana says you’re ruining your fate, I will tell everything to Pragya aunty. Prachi says don’t tell anything to get because she is already stressed about Dad. Shahana asks what happened to Mr Mehra. Prachi reminsces how her Mom wants to be with her Dad. Shahana asks her to answer. Prachi hugs her in tears and thinks about recent happenings.

Tanu comes downstairs wearing Gayathri kind of clothes. Aliya praises her idea. Tanu sends designer to kohli house. Abhi comes downstairs. Tanu who’s in Gayathri attire takes Abhi measurements. Abhi denies and throws her than her face is exposed to him. Everyone gets shocked. Abhi says are you fooling me? And he runs behind Tanu and about to hit her with stick but Raj stops him on time. Abhi runs to his room seeing Raj. Aliya asks Mitali to bring Gayathri back.

Pallavi and Soda won’t like designs and they asks for few more designs. Dida sees Ranbir and tells him that they are choosing dress for his Sagai and asks him to choose. Ranbir asks them to choose and about to go upstairs. Dida asks if she agreed to Sagai for his mom. Ranbir says no, because I have to marry someone and these days everyone’s having someone like Prachi have Parth. Dida looks on.

Aliya says don’t know whether Gayathri agrees to works with us or not. Tanu asks why you worried thinking about her. Aliya says only she can manage him and tomorrow is Rhea engagement. Mitali brings Gayathri. Aliya apologies to Gayathri from Tanu side. Mitali says Gayathri have one condition. Aliya asks what’s it. Gayathri says I don’t want anyone to involve in my work so asks Mitali to don’t listen my convos. Aliya agrees. Gayathri asks Tanu to apologize to her.

Abhi comes out and about to jump from first floor but Pragya stops him. Abhi questions where you went leaving me? Scold these people. Pragya asks him to show his paintings and takes him to room.

Aryan tries to talk with Ranbir about Prachi but he won’t listen wearing headphones. Aryan leaves from room. Ranbir shows his frustration at punching bag while reminscing Prachi behaviour with him. Shahana asks Prachi to have food. Prachi cries and breakdown in Shahana arms. Ranbir throws everything in room and cries badly. Prachi says is it mom who came inside, Shahana goes to check.

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