Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2019 Written Update: Abhi and Pragya in pain

The episode starts with Abhi asking inspector that won’t he arrest Rishi. Pragya says that her lawyer is coming and hr reaches. Abhi takes Pragya aside. Priyanka takes a room in a hotel and is careful about her actions. She checks for news and finds nothing about Rishi’s arrest and decides to wait. She plans to come back once Rishi gets arrested pretending to be in memory loss all the while. She says that Rishi made a big mistake by not marrying her.

Abhi asks Pragya in private that how could she take the side of a criminal. Pragya says that Rishi is innocent. She says that every time he takes the wrong side and she needs to stand against him. Abhi gets furious and walks off.

Priyanka’s Daadi calls Abhi’s Daadi and informs about Priyanka not reaching yet. She asks her not yo panic. Abhi comes in and Meera informs Abhi about Priyanka not reaching yet. Abhi recalls Priyanka’s suicide but hides it. He takes the phone from Daadi and assures that he will find Priyanka. Abhi’s Daadi too worries about Priyanka.

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At night both Abhi and Pragya are thinking about each other. They think that once again the other person is standing against them. A parallel is shown where Abhi and Pragya cries as the other person is not taking their side. Abhi recalls saying that whatever between the kids will not affect their relationship. Pragya says that he said their relationship will not be affected but what happened now. Abhi also says the same. They both sleep crying.

Ranbir and his brother come fighting without realizing that Abhi is sleeping on the couch. He wakes up with their noise and they apologize for disturbing him. He asks what happened and his brother says about Ranbir being worried about being a good boy. Abhi asks him to not change for anyone and be himself and leaves.

Vikram says that he feels Abhi is some pain. Ranbir says that but whatever he said is right. They leave for college. Pragya is lost in Abhi’s thoughts when Ragbir comes there. He apologizes to her for troubling her from time to time. Pragya asks him to not worry about all that and think about Nani. He agrees. He asks how could she trust him without any proof. Pragya says that sometimes proofs are not needed to learn about one’s innocence and says that she trusts him.

Prachi complains about Shahana wearing her clothes. Pragya compromises them and hugs them. She goes to get their lunch boxes. Nani asks them to do a handshake. Rishi feels lucky to be in the family. Ranbir gets news about his friend Dheeraj being serious in the hospital. Priyanka gets the newspaper and finds no news about her. She decides to take the matter in her hands