Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2019 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir to get stuck in a bank robbery

The episode starts with Rhea talking sweetly with Ranbir and they both decide to reveal that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. They both are smooching when Prachi enters all of a sudden. She gets startled seeing them. Ranbir scolds her for entering without knocking. Prachi angrily replies back that she came to get sign from him for work. Rhea scolds her for speaking rude with Ranbir who’s her boss. Prachi says that he’s her friend cum boss and she don’t have to teach her. Ranbir says that he’s her friend but she shouldn’t speak in that tone with Rhea. Prachi gets irked and leaves keeping the file on table. Rhea gets happy that Ranbir supported over Prachi. She thinks that there seems to be nothing between him and Prachi.

Prachi comes out fuming and sits on her desk. Her colleague gossips with her about Ranbir and Rhea but Prachi rubbishes it off. The same goes to another colleague and says the same. That person says that it’s actually Prachi who seems to have something with Ranbir. They both keep gossiping when Ranbir leaves with Rhea. In a bank a group of people are planning to attack the bank. They see an inspector inside the bank but still decides to proceed with their plan. Ranbir comes to the same bank with Rhea and he leaves for some paper work. Prachi’s colleague says about Ranbir not signing the file which she has kept and Prachi gets furious. She decides to get the sign herself and leaves to the bank.

Rhea sees Shyna in the back and recalls about her gossiping about Ranbir and Prachi affair. She decides to call Dimpy. The goons enter the bank but a gun falls from their dress. A guy sees it but they immediately kidnap him and tie him at their vehicle back seat. They then go to the security guard in the pretext of asking address and attacks him too. He gets unconscious. They all get into the back and joins the other goons. Everyone leave to a hiding to change. Rhea is arguing with Dimpy about her gossiping behind her back. She says that she’s not her friend anymore. She says that even now she came with Ranbir as he only loves her.

Prachi comes to the bank and finds the security unconscious. She understands that something is wrong and immediately calls police. Police calls the inspector in the bank who says that everything is fine. The police warns her to not prank. Prachi then sees Rhea and warns her of the same but she doesn’t believe her. Prachi calls Ranbir who’s with the manager. She finally spots him and goes to him. She informs about the attack but it gets too late. The goons attack manager but Ranbir and Prachi escapes. They find the attackers holding everyone including Rhea. Ranbir takes Prachi upstairs and asks her to stay there but Prachi stays adamant to accompany him. A goon comes there too