Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2021 Written Update: Pragya gets shocked seeing the dead body of Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Killer closes the dickey saying Pragya is important for him not these things, His men starts the car. Pragya thanks god for helping her and prays to save Abhi also. Saritha says Prachi let’s pray nothing will happen to Abhi. They goes to Maata Rani idol and prays for Abhi. Senior Doctor checks Abhi pulse is dropping and they tries to revive Abhi back with shock but it couldn’t happen. Prachi gets baffled when Diya goes off.

Doctor comes out. Rhea and family members asks how’s Abhi. Doctor says sorry we couldn’t save him. Everyone cries and shouts for Abhi. Dadi feels dizzy. Purab and Ranbir supports her. Rhea cries and shouts saying her Dad can’t leave her. Doctor makes her Unconscious giving injection and takes her to room. Doctor takes Aliya to complete the formalities. Ranbir calls Doctor to check Dadi condition.

Saritha says maybe Diya goes off because of wind, nothing will happen to your Dad, lit the Diya again. Prachi tries to lit the Diya but it won’t happen than Saritha sees Unconscious Rhea in wheel chair and they asks what happened to her. Nurse says we gave her sleeping injection when she couldn’t bear the news that she lost her Dad. Prachi and Saritha gets shocked.

Pragya goes to Abhi room and removes the blanket from his face and begs him to open his eyes. Aliya goes to them and says Mehras are finished like you want and he wont open his eyes because he is dead and she tries to throw Pragya from room but Pragya goes to Abhi and asks him to open his eyes and you can’t forget your promise to me so please don’t leave me. Aliya says you became widow and throws white blanket at her face. Pragya imagines herself in white saree and shouts saying no, it’s turned to be her dream and she comeout of dickey when car halted, Man notices Pragya is running and informs to Killer about it. Killer asks him to send his current location and asks him to catch her.

Pragya tries to enter hospital through exit. Watchmen stops her. Pragya tells him that her husband is in hospital and someone is behind her. Watchmen allows her to go inside and stops the men to enter behind Pragya. Pragya asks Nurses about Abhishek Mehra. One of Nurse informs her about Abhi OT room. Pragya goes to Abhi room and notices his pulse and everything is gone and she begs him to live for her or take her with him. Pragya shouts for Doctor but she collapses beside Abhi with high heart rate.

Pragya soul meets Abhi soul and Pragya notices their bodies and says let’s live in other world. Abhi says my time is over not yours. Pragya hugs him saying their is no end for their story. A hi says our story is not ended, I have to leave from here and you have to live for our daughters and family. Pragya says you’re my everything and their is nothing to me without you. Abhi asks her to allow him to leave. Pragya says no, I’m ordering you that you can’t leave me. Abhi leaves saying he loves her. Pragya wakes up suddenly saying No.

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