Kumkum Bhagya 23rd November 2019 Written Update: Rishi finds a clue about Priyanka

The episode starts with Meera asking Abhi didn’t he sleep in his room last night. Abhi says yes and She asks if he had any problem with Pragya. She apologizes for asking about his personal matter and is about to leave but Abhi stops her. He says that it’s true that he had fight with Pragya but this time it’s not about but about Priyanka and Rishi. He says that they always have to stand against each other whenever a problem arises. He narrates all the events happened, about the case and Priyanka’s suicide letter to Meera.

Meera gets tensed and assures Abhi that he’s right. He says that Priyanka is his responsibility and he doesn’t want anything wrong happening with her. He says that he want to punish Rishi and then wants to inform the family about it. Meera assures that she’ll not say to anyone and says that he’s right.

Principal calls Ranbir to meet him at the cabin for his punishment. Ranbir says that it was an accident but he doesn’t listen. Ranbir asks him to go and he will come after him. Principal goes and Prachi asks him to go else his punishment will get increased.

Ranbir says that he has more important work as hus friend is hospitalise and need to visit him. Prachi accompanies him too followed by Shahana. Vikram gives new phone to Abhi. Deeraj begs his mom to speak with him but she remains furious.

Ranbir with Prachi and his friends visits Deeraj and asks what happened. Deeraj says that his mom is not talking with him. His mom says that how could she talk with him. She says that he tried to end his life just for the fear of exams. He didn’t think once about her before taking this step.

Ranbir gets furious listening it and lashes him out for trying suicide for this simple thing. Deeraj says that he was afraid for his mother’s respect. He says that his father passed away and he couldn’t concentrate in his studies. If he fail in his exams then his mother will get blamed and he didn’t want that.

Ranbir gets even more furious and Prachi tries stopping him. He doesn’t listen but she drags him out. She asks what’s he doing. She says that she understand that what he did is something terrible but what’s he doing now is no way helping both. She explains him the situation and asks him to explain Deeraj with patience and not anger. Shahana says that visiting time is over. Ranbir is again about to go inside but Prachi stops him and takes him out.

Priyanka calls Rishi from a passer by’s phone to know if he’s arrested or not. Rishi picks up the call and Priyanka gets furious that he’s not arrested. Rishi doubts that if its Priyanka and informs Pragya. Priyanka blocks his number in the passer by’s phone and gives it back to him. Pragya calls from her mobile and realizes that Rishi’s doubt is right and Priyanka is alive.