Kumkum Bhagya 24th December 2019 Written Update: Prachi and Ranbir tries escaping

The episode starts with Prachi asking Ranbir to accompany him for his help but Ranbir kept denying. They gets shocked seeing a robber approaching them and Ranbir immediately hides with Prachi. He gets lost in her being so close to her. Rhea argues with the robbers to leave her. She promises to not inform anyone about it. They asks her to shut up but she doesn’t listen. She keeps shouting and shouting. The robbers gets furious and takes her separately. Ranbir panics seeing Rhea in trouble.

While moving Ranbir gets caught by a terrorist but Prachi hits him from back and helps Ranbir. They both leave to find Rhea. Rhea on the other hand gets tied to the chair by the goons. She threatens them with her father’s name and says that he’s a very big personality. They were about to hit her but she keeps screaming and screaming. She threatens them that her father will kill them. They leave letting her shout in the private room.

Prachi once again calls the police and informs about the robbery. She asks him to believe him atleast now. The inspector gets doubtful. He contacts the inspector in the bank to know the truth but finds it switched off. He asks his constables to hurry up. The goons discuss about Rhea saying that she’s the daughter of a famous personality. They decides to make use of her to earn more money. Prachi blames Ranbir for their condition. She says that if he has picked up the call then they wouldn’t have got caught here. She got here only because of him. Ranbir fumes.

The goons spot Ranbir and Prachi and they both run away and gets separated. Ranbir escapes while the goons still follow Prachi who’s running away. Vikram comes to Abhi’s cabin and they discuss about someone’s daughters wedding. The goons asks the manager to open the locker. The manager says that he don’t have access. They say that they knew everything and asks him to open. He says that the real keys are with the owners themselves. They show the main key and asks him to open it. He leaves without an option.

The manager says that it’s hard earned money of people and asks them to not steal it. The leader gets angry and warns to kill him if he tries advising him once more. He agrees. Without an option he opens the locker. Ranbir sees them and recalls inspector not believing about the robbery when informed by Prachi. He live records everything and uploads it on social media informing about the same. Prachi while escaping sees Rhea tied up. She’s about to go to her but hides seeing a goon. The robber asks Rhea if she has seen any girl but Rhea lies that she didn’t. Once he leaves Prachi helps Rhea escape. Rhea asks her to thank her for saving her. Prachi looks at her unbelievable. She says that all this wouldn’t have happened if she has listened to her before.