Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2022 Written Update: Rhea misunderstand the scenario

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The episode starts with Shahana telling Ranbir that he deserves to know the truth about the baby. Ranbir says talk with Prachi and if she denies telling me then don’t tell me anything as I don’t want differences between you guys and I will help you completely and will convince the father of the baby for you. Shahana cries. Ranbir tells her that these extreme emotions are common in pregnancy and don’t know what happens if Prachi becomes pregnant as she is extreme then he asks her to tell. Shahana says she wants to tell the baby father about the truth but Prachi thinks he doesn’t deserve to know. Ranbir tells Prachi would be right. Shahana tells she is unable to decide as you’re right too that Prachi is extreme in emotions. Ranbir asks her to listen to her heart and keep your ego aside as the baby needs her parent’s love so tell me your decision after thinking well as I will help you to unite with your lover. Shahana agrees. He leaves.

Shahana comes to Prachi in tears. Prachi asks who hurt her. Shahana says Ranbir. Prachi tells her she will teach him a lesson. Shahana says forgive him as he is still our old Ranbir and he talked to me that he is ready to talk with baby father for me as kids needs parents love and he is ready to do this much to me then think what he can do to you. Prachi says he said I’m characterless and he doesn’t know how to love. Shahana says I dint know about it but tell him about the baby. Prachi says she will tell how itself and she take Shahana with her. Shahana says she is happy with her decision. Prachi knocks on his door. Prachi says you have to tell him who’s the father of the baby as he saw me with Siddhant and he may feel it’s Sid’s baby too which I can’t bear. Ranbir opens the door. Prachi asks her to tell. Shahana feels confused. Ranbir asks if she is fine. Prachi says she can survive without him and she can raise her kid alone without any support. Am I right Shahana. Shahana leaves saying she is sleepy. Ranbir closes door on Prachi’s face. Rhea feels happy seeing it. Ranbir thinks I have to show her that I’m happy and I have to give her what she deserves by hiding my pain.

Rhea comes downstairs and wishes happy Lohri. Aliya asks why she looks happy. Pallavi says it’s her first Lohri. Rhea says Ranbir bailed out Prachi for Family reputation and Ranbir closed door on Prachi’s face and it’s like a slap to her. Aliya tells she behaves as nothing happened. Prachi comes there. Pallavi tells Rhea, she wants to make this Lohri special to get. Aliya asks her about the procedure of Lohri. Prachi wishes Vikram then she bends to take his blessings. Vikram blesses her. She feels happy. Pallavi, Rhea, and Aliya gets shocked. Prachi comes to Dida and takes her blessings too then she wishes Pallavi and bends to her feet. Vikram asks Pallavi to respond to Prachi. Pallavi wishes her then Prachi wishes others too. Rhea asks Ranbir when he will wish. Ranbir says his mood is off as he fought with someone in the last night. Rhea asks who’s that person. Ranbir says near one but now onwards I won’t disturb you guys and sorry for last night’s behaviour and from here onwards will do what you guys like. Rhea says sweet. Ranbir says she has to leave to office. Rhew asks him to come soon as they had celebrations in the event. Ranbir promises to return home soon and he sees Prachi and tells he doesn’t break promises. Shahana comes there. Prachi sees Ranbir then he leaves for office. Shahana returns to her room.

Daljeet goes to Shahana room notices she is in tears and asks her what happened. Shahana tells she is unable to see the separation of Ranbir and Prachi. Dida says it’s common in love and won’t you see it. Shahana says Ranbir and Prachi are unable to see it. Daljeet says very soon they will notice. Shahana says they have to do something and you don’t know how much I’m scared last night. Dida says they will resolve their issues as they can’t let Rhea involve between them and she will indirectly helps them to get reunited. Shahana happily hugs her. Prachi gets surprised seeing them.

Episode ends.

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