Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2024 Written Update: RV foils Jasbir’s attempt to abduct Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Palki asking Jasbir if she was the one who saw Prachi crying in the garden. Jasbir says yes. When Purvi is about to leave with Jasbir and his men. Palki notices their feet and hands and feel suspicious of them. Palki stops Purvi and says to Purvi that she is going to leave. Purvi agrees. Palki hugs Purvi and says to Purvi that she feels that there is something wrong with these two people. Palki asks Purvi to be ready to run when she gives her the signal. Palki thanks Jasbir and suddenly takes off the Gungat of jasbir’s face. Purvi gets shocked seeing Jasbir. Purvi tries to escape from Jasbir.

Jasbir and Tiger catch Palki and Purvi. Shaurya comes and beats them up and rescues both of them from Jasbir and Tiger. Shanaya calls the cops. Jasbir hearing this runs away from there.

Shaurya asks Purvi who was he. Palki says it’s Jasbir the one to Purvi told her about before. Purvi thanks Palki for rescuing her. RV comes to them. Shanaya advises Purvi to not tell RV about Jasbir right now and spoil her wedding. Shanaya says she can tell about Jasbir to RV after the wedding. Purvi agrees. Shaurya, Palki and Shanaya take their leave after talking to Purvi and RV.

Dadaji and Dadi do a dance performance. The Pandit asks the Bride and Groom to come and sit in the Mandap to start the wedding ritual. RV and Purvi sit for the wedding ritual.

Jasbir and Tiger come to Khushbu’s house to meet her. Jasbir meets Khushbu and after talking with Khushbu he confirms that she knows Prachi and her family. Jasbir gives money to Khushbu and asks Khushbu to bless Purvi that she will have a great husband. Khushbu agrees.

The pandit asks RV and Purvi to stand up for doing Phere. RV and Purvi are shown to be doing Phere. Jasbir gets mixed with real eunuchs this time and comed infront of everyone disguised as a eunuch. Purvi says to RV that this eunuch is Jasbir. RV stops them and asks them to take off their Gungat. RV says to his family that he is Jasbir and Purvi told him. The Malhotra and Tandon family ask the eunuchs to take off their Gungat and show their face. Khushbu takes off the Gungat and shows that they are real eunuchs. Khushbu says they have never been insulted and is about to leave. Purvi apologises to them. Visakha also asks Khushbu to bless the bride and Groom. Khushbu agrees. Jasbir throws the colour in the Havan and a lot of smoke comes out of it. Jasbir sees RV is holding Purvi’s hand tightly so he couldn’t abduct Purvi.

Jasbir compliants to Tiger as RV was holding Purvi’s hand. Tiger asks Jasbir to give up Purvi. Jasbir says his life lies in Purvi and he will keep trying to get Purvi till his death. Jasbir makes his men chant he will elope with Purvi.

Episode ends.

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