Kumkum Bhagya 24th November 2021 Written Update: Rhea instigates Ranbir against Prachi

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The episode strats with Sushma encouraging Prachi to talk to Sid. She says that if she runs away from everyone it will prove the wrong allegations put on her and Sid as true. Prachi says that she remembers the day when she was thrown out whenever she sees Sid. Sushma asks Prachi to not fear her past, but her future. She has talked to Sid and asked how he is very optimistic. A FB shows. Sid says to Sushma that he stays away from people who doesn’t want to see him happy. He gave signed the divorce papers and gave it to Rhea. Sushma requests Sid to meet Prachi and motivates her to become strong like him. She avoids him, not because she’s upset with him, but she lives in the past. Sushma says that she wants Prachi to move on in her life. FB ends. Prachi agrees to meet Sid saying that he’s still her friend. Sushma says that he’s waiting in the cafeteria. Prachi thanks her and leaves.

Ranbir comes back home angry. Rhea asks Shiv what happened to Ranbir, why he’s angry. Shiv says that he was sitting in the presentation and suddenly got angry and shouted at the staffs and took Prachi’s name. He asks who is Prachi. Rhea says that she’s this House’s maid. Rhea sends Shiv out taking Ranbir’s bag. Rhea says that it’s not good that Ranbir started to think about Prachi again. Prachi hasn’t yet gone of Ranbir’s life and wonders what she can do.

Prachi meets Sid and they have a talk. Rhea’s one friend spots Sid with a girl. The friend phones Rhea and asks if she’s in Bangalore. Rhea denies it. The friend says that Sid is here with another girl. Rhea asks who’s that girl. The friend says that she will video calls her. Sid says that Rhea broke her wedding with him and also broke their friendship. Rhea sees Prachi sitting with Sid through her friend’s video call. She asks her friend to sit there and to not cut the call. She goes to Ranbir and says that she wants to show something. Ranbir’s mom arrives there. Rhea cries hugging her and shows Prachi sitting with Ranbir through video call. Ranbir looks confused.

Prachi talks about her friendship with Sid and gets emotional. Sid wipes her tears. Ranbir sees this through video call and gets shocked. Rhea accuses Prachi of having affair with Sid Rhea says that it was happening in the house behind them, but it’s happening openly and may they will announce it openly in the future. She says that they are shameless of ruining their life. Prachi says that she still loves Ranbir and she is unable to forget him. Prachi gets up to leave. Sid stops her holding her hand. He wipes her tears and asks her to not run away from the truth. He says that she’s not alone, they’re still friends. He asks her to not cry and makes her sit again. Rhea says that Prachi and Sid ruined their lives and enjoying their life and romancing like in movies. Ranbir recalls the past and breaks the phone in anger. Rhea says that Ranbir can break things to vent of his frustration, but how she can vent of her frustration. She says that she got double betrayal, one from her husband and another from her sister. She blames Ranbir for everything. She says that he helped Sid to get her married. She told Ranbir about Prachi and Sid’s affair, but he ignored her. He was always present when she was in pain, but he never supported her. She says that she has no reason to live and says that her own sister ruined her life and enjoys her life. Rhea says that she can’t live anymore and runs from there. Ranbir mother asks Ranbir to go after Rhea as she can do something to herself. Rhea’s friend sees the call is disconnected and decides to go to her.

Sid says to Prachi that crying won’t solve her problems. He asks her to be happy son that her loved ones can be happy. Her loved ones will also cry seeing her in pain. Sid says that he has changed himself after getting the biggest pain of his life. He advises Prachi to forget Ranbir and moves on in her life. Prachi says that it’s not that easy, she says that she thought he loves Rhea genuinely, but he forgot her easily. She says that the lovers can get separated, but love can’t be forgotten. She says that Ranbir’s misunderstanding broke her relationship, but he intentionally breaking his relation with Rhea. She says that Rhea isn’t only his wife, but also her sister. Sid says that Rhea is her biggest enemy, he will tell her today the truth of Pallavi and Vikrami Rhea and Ranbir’s truth. Ranbir tries to stop Rhea, but she shouts at him. She says that everyone whoever she believed, betrayed her. Rhea badmouths Prachi. Ranbir asks her to not talk about Prachi. Rhea says that Ranbir should be ashamed to feel bad for Prachi.

The episode ends.

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