KumKum Bhagya 24th September 2019 Written Update: Meera develops feelings for Abhi

Today’s episode starts with Purab waking up beside Abhi. Abhi  gets shocked. Purab ask Abhi why he didn’t told him that he was suffering from the fever. Abhi says because he don’t want him to spend night with him. Meera and Mitali brings coffee for Abhi and Purab. Coffee spills on Abhi. Meera gets lost in Abhi’s thought. Mitali prays to God to sort the things before it takes a new turn as she can clearly see what’s going on in Meera’s mind seeing Abhi.

Sahana ask Prachi why she has a problem with Ranbir. Prachi ask her not to take Ranbir’s side. Another side, Ranbir discuss with Aryan how Prachi always berates him and shows her interest in Rishi. Aryan says to Ranbir that he is jealous of Rishi. Ranbir denies his words.

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Priyanka sees Rishi going inside some house and thinks to inquire about him. She knocks the door and gets shocked seeing Sarita. She further ask apology for her past behavior. Pragya calls her inside. Disha goes to meet Mehra. Purab sees Disha and ask the receptionist to send Disha in his cabin. There, Rishi sees Priyanka and gets shocked. Priyanka ask Rishi is he stay here. Sarita says yes.

Priyanka goes inside Rishi’s room. Purab confronts Disha. Disha recalls how she found Purab and Aliya in a compromising situation. Back to senses she questions Purab if he is genuinely sorry than why he moved on in his life and married Aliya. Purab stands speechless.

Rishi ask Priyanka to stay away from him. Priyanka says she knows now nothing can be like before between them. Abhi goes to meet his friend. Later, Abhi catches Meera from falling. Meera excuses herself from there. (Episode Ends)