Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2020 Written Update: Abhi doubts Rhea

Episode starts with. Ranbirthreatens Maya. He said to her, if you don’t tells truth to everyone.Then i will tell your fianceabout us . And  his family will break your engagement with him. Maya said, no one willbelieveyour words. Ranbirsaid,i have proof about last incidence.

Here, Abhi waits for Rhea. And thinking about necklace. Meanwhile Rhea came and asks what happened dad. Abhi said why you come so late at night. Rhea said, dad its nine thirty only. Abhi said, its still late. And then he asks to Rhea, where is your diamond necklace. This made Rhea shocked. She said wait i will find it for you.

Abhi said cut the crap. You tellme, do you know Maya. Is Maya is your friend. Rhea said, no dad. But why are you asking this. Abhi said, i saw same necklace in Maya’s neck. And that the reason am asking this to you. Rhea says, i will give you necklace tomorrow. Because right now  necklace is in bank locker.

Here, Ranbirtells  Maya to confess. Maya said, just leave me. Ranbir says. If you don’t want to confess then fine. I will tell everyone about our relationship. Maya ask him, what will you tell. Am not sacred of you. Ranbiri will tell. That am in love with you. And you also love me. But because of your family members pressure. You can’t marry me.

Everyone hears Ranbir and Maya’s conversation as hotel staff members already turned on the mike. After listening their conversation. Pragya asks Prachi. What is going on. Ranbir said to me. That he  is not in love with Maya. Then what is all of  this. Prachi said idon’t know  about this.This is not our plan. Pragya asks Prachi, what plan. She said me and Ranbir wants to confront Maya.

Afterwards, Mohit said, i am not going to marry her. she is a liar.Mohit and his family cancelled engement with Maya. Maya asks Ranbir are you happy now. Because of you my engement is cancelled. And they starts fighting. Meanwhile, Mr chobey said to Ranbir. I accept you as son-in-law. Maya said, no dad we are not compatible. Mr chobey says, it fine. It happens in between couples. You and him going to marry after three days.

This made Prachi angry. She went from there. Ranbir came to Prachi and said sorry to her. Prachi said, are you mad. And she starts fight with him. (Episode end)