Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2021 Written Update: Pragya senses family members are hiding something from her about Abhi

Kumkum Bhagya 25th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Pragya reaches to Abhi home. Aliya asks her to stop in her place. Pragya says I know you tries to stop me from meeting Abhi but you can’t stop me and she about to go upstairs but Mitali stops her and asks her to listen to them. Pragya quest why you’re stopping me?

Abhi didn’t breaked even one bond between us and our live always bring us together so you guys can’t stop me from meeting him. Tai says we are already stressed so leave from here. Pragya asks why they are stressed. Mitali asks her to leave the house like she went in 20 years back. Pragya asks what are they hiding from her. Dadi asks them to tell the truth to Pragya.

Aliya says stop it if you need my help and family wellness. Pragya asks Dadi to answer but Dadi stays silent. Pragya about to go upstairs to know what are they hiding but Aliya stops her throwing down. Pragya shouts Abhi to come out and begs Aliya to make her meet Abhi for one time but Aliya throws her out and locks the door. Dadi asks Aliya to open the door. Aliya opens the door tells to Pragya that Bhai closed every door for you and he realised that you’re badluck to him that’s why want to stay away from you even after hearing your voice.

Pragya says maybe he didn’t heard my voice. Aliya says it’s not and if you love Abhi than stay away from him according to Pandit suggestions and don’t make him separated from his family. Pragya asks her to tell what happened to Abhi but Aliya says you don’t need to know it and closes the door. Pragya cries while knocking the door.

Vikram says why can’t you understand Ranbir that you can’t meet Abhi. Ranbir asks why can’t he meet chief. Pallavi asks them to cool. Vikram raises his hand on Ranbir and warns him to never tries to meet Chief. Ranbir asks what you guys are hiding? Very soon I will find what you guys are hiding and leaves from that place. Pallavi says let him meet Abhi for once. Vikram says another question will raise if he meet Abhi.

Prachi and Shahana prepares Pragya’s favourite food. Pragya reaches to home. Saritha asks if she met Mr Mehra. Pragya goes inside without answering their questions. Saritha tells Prachi and Shahana that something big is happened that’s why Pragya looks so dull.

Pragya cries under shower than she comes out and asks why they are still waiting in hall. Prachi and Shahana hugs her. Saritha asks if she is fine. Pragya says she is fine. Saritha says I know Aliya won’t allow you to meet Abhi but why he is not meeting you is question. Pragya looks on. Saritha says Prachi called Mr Mehra many times but he didn’t attended her calls and Aliya warned Prachi to never call Abhi. Pragya says I know about Abhi and I will meet him for sure.

Rhea feels dizzy in her drunken state. Aliya asks if she is drunk. Rhea says you cares for me but God won’t, please get me drink. Aliya asks Mitali to take Rhea to her room. Tai tells to Aliya that Baljeet is not having food and continuously praying for Abhi.

Tai goes to open the door hearing calling bell and gets shocked seeing Pragya. Aliya asks her to close the door but Pragya enters saying they can’t close her way and noone can stop me from meeting my husband. Aliya tries to throw Pragya but stop seeing NGO ladies who came to help Pragya.

Pragya tells Ngo ladies that Aliya and family members are not allowing her to meet her husband. NGO ladies supports Pragya and tells to Aliya that she can’t snatch Pragya rights. Aliya says Pragya is not my brother’s wife and I will prove it with proofs.

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