Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2024  Written Update: Jasbir kidnaps Purvi

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasbir getting an idea to abduct Purvi. Jasbir says to his men that once in his cousin’s wedding there was a mishap so they delayed the wedding for some time. Jasbir says if they create a mishap to delay the wedding then they will get chance to kidnap Purvi. Jasbir asks Tiger to call one of party volunteers. Tiger agrees.


The party volunteer comes to the wedding venue as a guest and gives gift to Ashok. The party volunteer introduces to Ashok as one of their neighbours. Jasbir calls the party volunteer and asks him to get to work. The party volunteer acts as if he got a heart attack and pushes one of the Mandap pillars. RV stops the pillar from falling over Purvi. RV pushes it away and asks Purvi if she is fine. Purvi says yes. RV asks Yug to call the doctor as that person is having a heart attack. Everyone gets distracted with him. Jasbir closes Purvi’s mouth and takes her away.

Jasbir brings Purvi to his men. Jasbir knocks out Purvi using chloroform. Jasbir puts Purvi in a wheel chair.

Dadaji calls for the ambulance. Dadaji sees that there is a person in a wheel chair. Dadaji asks Jasbir who is the person in the wheel chair. Jasbir says it is her friend and says her BP shot up so they are taking her to the hospital. Dadaji asks them to go. Jasbir and his men take Purvi away from the hospital.

The party volunteer stops his acting of having a heart attack and says to Malhotra and Tandon family that he is fine now. The party volunteer tries to leave from there. Dadaji asks him to take rest and says the ambulance is on the way.

The pandit says to Malhotra and Tandon family that the Mandap has been destroyed so they can’t do the wedding in that Mandap. The Pandit says they have to rearrange the Mandap to do the wedding and it will take time. RV agrees.

Tiger praises Jasbir as he never thought he could pull off abducting Jasbir. Purvi regains semi consciousness and sees that it is Jasbir. Jasbir asks Purvi to go to sleep. Purvi closes her eyes.

Rajveer calls RV and asks RV if he is being late for the wedding. RV says he is not being late. Rajveer sees Jasbir taking Purvi away. Rajveer calls the cop and informs the cops that he feels that someone is kidnapping a girl and they are taking that girl in a van. The cops ask the vehicle no. Rajveer doesn’t see the vehicle no so he couldn’t say anything.

The pandit says to Harleen and Manpreet that they should not allow anything to stay in the Mandap that has already been destroyed and says it is considered inauspicious. Harleen thinks why did this happen.

Manpreet comes and comforts Harleen saying small mishaps like these happen all the time. Harleen comments on it.

Dadaji and Dadi come to RV and say to RV that someone is coming to meet him. Rajveer comes and meets RV. RV asks Rajveer why is he coming here running. Rajveer says he is after Yug as he is teasing women there. Dadaji and Dadi scold Yug. Dadaji and Dadi show Purvi’s photo to Rajveer as he hasn’t saw Purvi. Rajveer recalls that this is the girl that is being taken away.

Episode ends.

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