Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Update: Purvi gets RV out of the police station

Kumkum Bhagya 25th March 2024 Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Monisha complaining to RV about Purvi taunting her. RV says to Monisha that Purvi also taunted him. RV says to Monisha that Purvi offered help to him but he rejected her help. RV’s cell mate comments on Monisha and RV. Monisha argues with RV’s cell mate and asks RV to stop him. The police stops their argument and asks Monisha to give him a reason that he can believe that they are not doing something inappropriate.

Harleen sees that the car is not getting fixed so she decides to go by foot. Hermal stops Harleen. Dadaji says to Harleen and Hermal that he called Jaswant and he is bringing the car. Deepika calls Harleen and says she talked to the lawyer and he said that they can’t get bail until the morning. Deepika says the lawyer said that only RV’s wife Purvi can save RV if he says to the inspector that her husband is innocent. Dadi says to Harleen that she already asked Purvi to go and get RV out of jail.

Purvi is about to leave the police station but Dadi calls Purvi and says to Purvi that Deepika talked to the lawyer and he said that only Purvi can save him. Dadaji tells Purvi what she has to do. Harleen also pleads Purvi to get RV out. Purvi agrees.

Purvi requests the police officer to allow her to meet RV. The police officer agrees.

Purvi meets RV. Purvi says to RV that only she can get him out right now and says to RV that he needs to listen to him. Purvi says to RV that he needs to behave like her husband. Deepika says to RV that he needs to listen to Purvi and says this is the only choice. Purvi also reminds RV that his reputation will be destroyed if the media gets news of his arrest.

Trishna’s father gets stressed as the caterer cancelled at the last minute and there is no caterer for Trishna’s wife. Trishna after learning about this asks her father not to worry and says she will take care of it. Trishna’s father agrees. Trishna later recalls that Prachi is a caterer and decides to call her.

Purvi comes to the inspector and says to the inspector that her husband is innocent and says Monisha is the one who tried to trap RV. The inspector hearing this releases RV. RV and Purvi leave the police station.

Deepika later asks the inspector to allow Monisha to be released. The inspector says she needs to get bail only then will she be released.

Trishna’s father comes to Krishna and says that the caterer cancelled at the last minute. Trishna’s father asks Krishna if he knows any caterer as that he trusts. Krishna says Purvi’s mother runs a catering business and she can do this. Trishna’s father asks Krishna to contact her and give her the order. Krishna agrees.

RV and Purvi get out of the police station. RV asks Purvi why did she save him. Purvi comments on RV. RV and Purvi gets into a cab and leave to home. RV in the cab sees Dadi calling Purvi and he understands Purvi was forced to save him by Dadi.

The next day, RV’s family comes to the police station and bails Monisha. RV family argues with The inspector why did he raid RV’s room. The inspector says they got information. Hermal asks who is the one that sent him information. The reporter comes to the police station. RV’s family seeing this leaves the police station.

Trishna comes to Prachi’s house to seek her help.

Episode ends.

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