Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2019 Written Update: Priyanka’s another master stroke to attack Rishi

The episode starts with Pragya thinking about Priyanka. Saritha Ben comes and says that someone has come to visit her. Pragya comes out to find Disha and she greets her.

Disha sends Saritha Ben to get her tea. Rishi too comes there and Disha says that she has a solution for Priyanka problem. She says about a secret agents who knows her and will take their help to find Priyanka. She asks Rishi to get Priyanka’s picture and he goes to get it. Disha asks if Pragya didn’t say about her relationship with Abhi to anyone and Pragya says yes. Disha asks her to say soon and she says to wait for the right time.
Ranbir comes to principal room who scolds him for his behaviour. Just then the security gives him the envelope with question paper and Ranbir sees it. Ranbir decides to steal it for Deeraj. Principal warns him one last time and asks him to leave. Ranbir comes out and Prachi sees him and calls for him.

Rhea’s friends see Prachi calling Ranbir and spies on them. Prachi when she goes near Ranbir she skids and Ranbir holds her. They both fall in eyelock and Rhea’s friends sees it. They get furious at Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir about Principal calling him. He’s about to say about his plan of stealing the question paper but Rhea leaves before that. Rhea’s friends decides to inform everything to Rhea and Ranbir’s brother hears them.
Priyanka says that today she will become the most hurt girl from both mind and body. She takes a mini hammer and hits herself.

She looked like someone has hit her badly and smirks. Ranbir hears someone scolding him for stealing the question papers. He thinks that he hasn’t stole the papers yet and wonders who’s blaming him. He then peeps into principal’s cabin to find principal scolding a professor for stealing the papers.

The professor says that he wanted to give ot to his tutorial students and Principal lashes out at him. Principal sends the question paper to his house through security and asks them to give it to his wife. They leave and Ranbir decides to steal it from his house.

Priyanka comes to a lounge and books a room pretending to be a domestic violence victim of her boyfriend. She asks for laptop and plans something with it. Ranbir is saying his brother about his plan when Prachi and Shahana comes there. They divert the topic and sends them off in q taxi saying that they didn’t bring their car today.

They leaves and both sighs in relief. They both follow the car with question paper. Prachi stops the car to give lift to them only to find them going in their car. She finds something and decides to follow them.

Purab and Aliya once again have a tiff over Disha and Vikram comes there. Purab in frustration says that he agrees all his fault and leaves saying that he want to get away from this suffocating relationship and leaves.