Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2020 Written Update: Aliya makes Rhea against Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya 25th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Ranbir misses Prachi while he is going to home than he calls Prachi and asks why she sounds worried. Prachi says Mom looks worried on call and I’m not understanding what to do because I don’t know her current location too. Ranbir says don’t worry Aunty can handle any problem and I’m on the way to home and talk with aunty if I saw her. Prachi agrees. Ranbir thinks Rhea might did something to Pragya.

Abhi questions why Aliya hates Pragya so much and about to leave but Mitali stops him and tells Abhi that he is misunderstanding Aliya intentions, and Says that Aliya loves Prachi and Rhea and she had problem with Pragya and saying how Rhea and Prachi can live like family if Pragya do these kind of things. Aliya agrees with Mitali. Abhi asks Aliya to go to Jail to meet Rhea and he leaves. Mitali happily says how she managed everything and she asks Aliya to reach Jail with short cut to seperate Pragya and Rhea. Aliya goes to jail.

Pragya goes to jail and asks contestable for Si. Contestable shows Inspector to Pragya. On the way Abhi reminsces what happens with Rhea and Aliya accusations against Pragya and than Dadi words to trust Pragya. Abhi thinks Pragya loves Rhea so much than what’s wrong.

Pragya meets Rhea and Rhea asks why this much late. Pragya says she bought Prachi with her that’s why late, Prachi comes to them. Pragya says Prachi gave statement that you can never tried to kill herm contestable opens the cell. Rhea happily hugs Pragya.

Pragya says now you’re free and than Prachi happily hugs Rhea. Rhea says sorry for showing attitude. Prachi says it suits you. They hugs eachother. Aliya comes to them and asks Rhea to stay away from them and asks Rhea what are you doing, if they are important to you? Rhea says yes, they are important for me always. Aaliya asks more than me. Rhea says who can be more important for a daughter than her own mother. She says Pragya is my mom and Prachi is my sister. Aaliya says your mom left you for Prachi.

Rhea says but she returned now and asks her not to interfere between them. Aaliya asks if she has this much respect in her eyes. Rhea says respect and love which you are talking about, is that you have lost it long back because now I know the truth. Pragya warns Aliya to stay away from her Daughter and says that she can’t manipulate them anymore. Aliya says you can’t break my dream. Rhea throws her and it turns to be Aliya dream and she thinks she won’t let Pragya win over her.

Pragya apologies to police for coming to wrong station and goes to another station in auto. Pragya gets strucked in traffic. Aliya notice Pragya and thinks to meet Rhea before than Pragya and follows Pragya auto and hit it with car. Auto dashes with wall and Pragya lost her consciousness.

Prachi thinks where can be her Mom. Saritha says maybe Pragya with Rhea. Prachi says I will call mom again if she sad because of Rhea than I won’t forgive Rhea but call didn’t connected. Pragya regains conscious and goes to police station in cab even though she is bleeding.

Aliya reaches to Rhea. Rhea turns saying Mom but it’s Aliya. Rhea says where is Mom? Is she talking with inspector? Go and help my mom. Aliya says still you trust her? Your mom won’t love you. Rhea says stop it she loves me and want to give the all love otherwise Mom won’t come here to save me.

Aliya says your Mom breaked your trust because she didn’t came to station and maybe Pragya is at her home enjoying her time with Prachi because they took revenge on you and Pragya played amazing move because even your Dad can’t save you, your Dad fought with police for you but Pragya didn’t do anything for you because she just love Prachi and you’re noting to Pragya. Rhea shouts saying she hates everyone and breaksdown saying Pragya can never become her Mom.

Pragya meets Inspector and says him that she didn’t file Amy complaint against her daughter. Inspection says who filed case went to home. Pragya asks him to ask Constable. Si asks contestable to check file. Contestable says it’s Pragya complaint. Pragya says she didn’t file Amy complaint. Si says case will get closed if Prachi gave statement that Rhea is innocent. Pragya agrees to being Prachi and asks permission to meet Rhea. But Constable says now she can’t because already someone is talking with her.

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