Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2020 Written Update: Abhi promises Riya to perform her marriage with Ranbir

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Episode starts with Aliya overhears Aryan saying to his friend that Ranbir went to meet Prachi and he gonna propose her tomorrow. Ranbir asks Prachi whether she accepts him in her life. Prachi nods yes. Ranbir says I know it that why I bought something for you. Prachi thinks whether he bought ring to propose me for marriage.

Ranbir says I never proposed you officially fir friendships. Prachi says I thought. Ranbir asks do you expecting something else? Thank you supporting me to stop this marriage and he makes her wear friendship band and asks her to never break their marriage.

Prachi says ok. Ranbir says we will get married if Maya came a bit late, do you know what’s running inside me right than why can’t you answer? Our hearts are feelings same than why to express it. Both lost in eachother.

Riya comes downstairs in drowsy mode. Abhi notice her and takes her to room. Aliya gets tensed thinking Riya might reveal their plan to defame Prachi to Abhi. Abhi says I won’t like you to drink like this. Riya says than what about me, I’m feeling pain when I didn’t get my love and don’t know whether I will it get it or not. Abhi asks what.

Riya cries saying she is in love with Ranbir and says she don’t know whether she gets him or not. Abhi asks do you love him with whole heart? Riya says yes I love him. Abhi says if Ranbir also loves you than noone can snatch him from you. Riya cries saying that girl may get married to him. Abhi says it didn’t happen. Riya shouts saying she will kill herself if she didn’t get Ranbir.

Abhi shouts to stop and promises Riya that he will talk with Ranbir family for their marriage and assures her that no-one can snatch Ranbir from her. Aliya smiles. Riya asks promise. Abhi says it’s my Promise. Riya happily hugs him.

Aliya thinks you make one daughter happy with your promise but it gonna hurt your other daughter.

Shahana and Saritha enters through Prachi room while fighting. Prachi gets shocked them. Shahana asks why you looks shocked and switches on the lights. Prachi notices Ranbir is nowhere and thinks whether she is imagining but than she notices friendship band and sees sides to search where is he hiding.

Saritha asks why you asked Shahana to sleep with me. Prachi says she is not. Than both fights with eachother and Shahana notices Ranbir under bed. He signs her to be silent. Shahana asks didn’t you tell me to sleep with Saritha aunty indicating Ranbir under bed. Prachi says yes than Saritha leaves. Shahana locks room and asks Ranbir to come out. Prachi sends Ranbir. Ranbir leaves asking her to meet him in the college. Shahana teases her saying what’s happening before her entry.

Abhi asks her to never cry saying her tears are promises. Riya promises to never cry. Abhi says he is everything to her and asks her to tell if she ever have any problem and he says Ranbir marriage stopped because he is belongs to her. Riya smiles. Aliya brings Kasha. Abhi says Vikram went to our of station and assures her that he will talk with him once he is back. Aliya asks what you want to talk with Vikram.

Abhi leaves saying Riya knows it. Riya roams saying I’m happy Aunty because Dad promised me to unite me with Ranbir. Aliya says Vikram is out of station and tomorrow Ranbir is planning to propose her so it might cause problems. Riya says I will die or kill Prachi before Ranbir propose her. Aliya says losers only leave their fight in the middle. Riya says I will fight and win this battle.

Pallavi takes Abhi inside saying only he can solve their problems. Abhi goes inside and feels emotional seeing his Dadi. Dadi happily hugs him. Abhi makes her sit. Dadi says my health is not good when your Dadi passed away and my son didn’t allowed me to come here and after their daughter marriage I told them my love is for everyone and came to meet you because I love you more and feeling happy after seeing you.