Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2021 Written Update: Rhea’s ploy to get closer to Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 25th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Abhi snatching the bottle from Pragya and asking her not to provoke him. He says he has no issues with her and asks her to leave him alone. He drinks all the alchol. She aska him who has given him the alchol to which he remembers. “Aliya knocks on his door and gives him the alchol. She tells him that she understands how much he needs to drink and she can’t see him like this anymore. He says he can’t stand without alcohol and takes the bottle from her” Aliya on the other side remembers”Tanu says to Pammi and Mitali that they have failed to provoke Dadi and that’s why she didn’t come here to help Abhi through Alcohol.

Pammi says her words are like antibiotics and she has already started having effect on her by her words. Tanu says nothing of that sort will happen and thinks what to do next. She tells Aliya to give the alchol to Abhi. She says Abhi is Pragya’s weakness and alcohol is Abhi’s weakness and if he gets alcohol then he will be on their side because he will think that they cares for him while Pragya wants to trouble him. Aliya says and whoever’s side her brother is, they will win and they can only make him on their side by giving him alcohol. Aliya after giving the alcohol to Abhi thinks that she is soon going to defeat her and snatch everything from Pragya” coming back to present, Abhi asks Pragya not to pretend like she cares for him because he knows that she doesn’t care of him. Abhi argues with her which Aliya heara.

Rhea wakes up from her sleep and looks at her side. She says she feels soo good and fresh not finding Siddharth on her side. She says she today wahts to see Ranbir’s face and start her day with a good start. She takes a note from the bed side table and reads the note. She gets excited knowing Siddharth is leaving to Bangalore and won’t come for some days. Rhea saya she wishes Ranbir was alone as well so that she can spend some time with him. She then smiles thinking that she will get to be with Ranbir and Pallavi will help her in this.

Tanu asks Pragya whether she has fallen in love with Abhi that she is getting worried for him. Pragya leaves from there. Tanu thinks whether she really started loving Abhi again and if so they both will become one again. She says this shouldn’t happen.

Dida serves the curry made by her to Vikram and Pallavi. Ranbir comes there. Dida says she will feed to her son and Pallavi will feed him. Ranbir says whoever feeds the taste will be same. He excitedly kisses Vikram, Dida and Pallavi. He goes to Prachi and about to kiss her to which she feeds him bread. Rhea comes there and gives Pallavi a two inch note where it is written that he is going to Banglore. She says she has to attend her friend’s marriage but now she won’t be able to do so. She then says a fake story to tell them that Siddharth is upset with her over a small thing.

Pallavi calls Siddharth and asks him to share everything with his wife because communication matters the most. Rhea leaves from there upset. Prachi comes to her and says Siddharth is not someone to mind. Rhea says everything is going good in her Life, that’s why she is talking positive. She asks her how Ranbir is, to which she says he is someone different. Rhea thinks that he is different and that’s why he is hers. The Screen Freezes On Rhea.

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