Kumkum Bhagya 26th February 2020 Written Update: Ranbir is in problem

Episode starts with. Sarita aunty says to Ranbir.You don’t worry as we go out of our adversity we will bring you out of your trouble as well. Pragya also tell Prachi to help Ranbir. Prachi says I want to help him but he never listens to me so I will not help him.

There, Vikram drinks wine. Afterwards Abhi came and join Vikram. Vikram says to him. Today am very happy. Abhi asks him why. Virakm says, today party went really well. Everyone one enjoy their food. And all credit goes to Prachi‘s mother.

Here, Prachi’s phone ringing. Pragya asks Prachi who is that. Prachi said, its reminder. I have to give some important file to Mehra sir. So I leave first. After a moment Ranbir’s  mother calls Ranbir and said, come in fifteen minutes. He said but what happened. Pallavi said you just come home soon. Otherwise I will kill you. He said okay am coming.

Ranbir say to Prachi  that I am going to the same where you are going on so let’s go. I will drop you. Prachi said no need. Pragya said Prachi don’t do that. Go with him. You know what. I get angry when I see his face. If he dies today. Then assume that I will  kill him. And then asks him to leave.

And they went together. Ranbir asks Prachi for help. She said I will not help you. It’s all happened because of you. What was the need to propose to you Maya. Ranbir says, that I was not propose to Maya I just wanted to scare her. Prachi said, who scares people like this. Ranbir said, please help me am your friend. She said okay fine we will see. A little later, they both reach at Ranbir’s house.

There, Ranbir’s dadi opens door for them. He said, what happened. She said come inside you  will know yourself. Prachi and ranbir see that there Maya’s father and mother have brought her relationship.

Maya’s father asks Ranbir to marry Maya as you love her so much. Ranbir said, this is a misunderstanding uncle . I am not in love with her. Ranbir family also against with this. And said to Mr chobey to stop this nonsense. After this Mr chobey show them Ranbir’s video when he purpose Maya.

And tells them. He purpose my daughter im front of everyone now he have to marry my daughter. Virakm rejects this. This made Mr chobey angry. And he threatens Ranbir’s family. And said, I know about molestation case. If he didn’t marry my daughter. I will never leave you. (Episode end)