Kumkum Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update: Pallavi accepts Rhea and Siddharth

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The episode begins with Rhea telling Pallavi that she really doesn’t know that she is going to marry their son. Dida says that they don’t consider this marriage and hence she is not the daughter in law of the house. She says that when Prachi got married to Ranbir they didn’t get the blessings from them hence same will happen with them. She says that when they got married they just thought of cops and a way to get out of the problem. None of their family were present there hence the marriage can’t be accepted and it’s invalid. Siddharth asks her not to say that as they got married with all the rituals. Ranbir backs him. She says that there is no place for them in the house.

Rhea tells them that it’s not about getting a place in the house. It’s about becoming their daughter in law. She says that she is right that they didn’t think about anyone or the family when they got married. They only thought about themselves. They only thought about the drugs and cops. They only thought of a way to get out of the problem. She says that she will only stay in this marriage if she accepts. She tells Siddharth that the marriage was not supposed to happen and turns to leave but Pallavi asks her to stop her. She tells her that they have done the same thing as Ranbir and Prachi. They are in the same place now. They are no different from Prachi and Ranbir in the eyes of Dida but in her eyes they are different.

There is a small difference between them. Prachi only thought about herself and got married to Ranbir. But Rhea even though she met Siddharth just few days back still she thought if him and tried to save him. She has stood by him. She says that she knows the importance of the family but Prachi doesn’t. She says that she has always told Vikram that whichever house Rhea steps the house will be happy as she stands up by her people and knows the importance. She says that even after meeting Siddharth for just few hours she married to save him while some people even after knowing for years never think about them. She says that she accepts Rhea and Siddharth as Rhea is a good person and she wants to fill her house with happiness. She asks the servant to bring aarti. She asks them whether they don’t take her blessings. They take her blessings. Pallavi mocks Prachi saying a phrase. Rhea and Siddharth enter the house as Pallavi does the aarti. Prachi and Ranbir about to enter but Pallavi asks them to stop. She askdninlg Ranbir to come if he wants. He denies. She says that she won’t welcome unlucky person making him angry.

Abhi is with his friends playing carom. He leaves from there upset as he remembers pragya’s words. A woman comes to him and requests him to deliver the car as her son is unwell and her husband is busy. He first denies but then agrees. Pallavi provokes Ranbir asking him to answer her but Prachi stops Ranbir holding his hand. Vikram comes there and says that he wants them in the house. He gets heart attack which panics everyone.

Abhi takes the car to Pragya house but the watchman tells him that she is not here. He asks him for pragya’s address. The watchman gives him the address. He goes to the said address.

Pragya looks around the farmhouse and says that she likes it but it is not equal to Mehra house. Gautam says that last time she has done the same. Pragya deals saying that he will give her the farmhouse in exchange of Mehra house. He asks her to drink. Pragya first denies but then agrees. He mixes drink for her. He gives her the glass making her remember her moments with abhi. Abhi rings the bell. The Screen Freezes On Abhi and Pragya.

Precap: Abhi beats Gautam shouting at him as to what did he say about Pragya. Pragya comes there and stops him. He says that she is not understanding and it is not the right place. She says that he is not understanding and she will talk with whoever she wants and will meet whoever she wants and it’s none of his business.

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