Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2019 Written Update: Disha meets Pragya!

Today’s episode starts with the girl giving Rohit Prachi’s photo and money to look forward to her. Rohit’s friend gets happy thinking now Prachi will be found. Ahead, Rishi packs her stuff and Pragya ask what he is doing. Rishi tells to Pragya that Sahana misses her room a lot thus he is shifting to other room. Pragya gets impressed and further inquires about Priyanka. Rishi says she was his past. Later, Meera tries to help Abhi and Mitali ask her to control her emotions because none can come between Abhi and Pragya, as they are made for each other.

Meera tells to Mitali that she didn’t enter the house to snatch someone’s love rather she is just doing what she likes to do. Disha comes to meet Pragya. Ritik too comes and tries to impress Pragya. Pragya after meeting Ritik says to Disha that Ritik is developing feelings for her and she can sense that. Disha tells to Pragya that Ritik has never taken any relationship seriously. Pragya says but she thinks she is right this them.

Purab recalls Disha’s word and drinks alcohol. Purab thinks why he is feeling bad if Disha has moved on in her life.

Sahana comes to Rishi and talks with him. priyanka calls Rishi and hears Shana’s voice. She further decides to inquire about Sahana and goes to meet Rishi. Rishi asks Priyanka to come with him as he wants to talk something important.

Prachi goes to meet Vikram. Ranbir excuses himself seeing Prachi. Mrs.Vikram ask Prachi to have tea with them. Prachi says she will make tea for everyone.

Here, Disha tells to Rishi that Pragya was guessing that he has started falling for her. Rishi denies, and ask Disha did she knows Purab Khana from before. Disha recalls her marriage with Purab and says yes. Rishi leaves the place. (Episode Ends)

No Precap.