Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Update: Police arrests Prachi, Abhi promises to get her released in short time with proofs

Kumkum Bhagya 27th August 2020 Written Updateon TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Meera asks who are these people. Riya and Aliya gets shocked seeing Sanju men. Annie says these are the people who stole money from Prachi place. Prachi reaches to Vikram house with Shahaha. Abhi says they will get conscious very soon and no need of doctor because these people thinks to run once they get conscious. Riya and Aliya goes to get wire to tie them.

Prachi and Ranbir looks at eachother. Vikram asks Abhi to record the video. Riya gets tensed than Aliya asks her to relax and says she wimm manage it and goes with rope. Abhi asks is these people are same ones you see at your home.

Prachi says yes. Ranbir says yes even I caught them. Pallavi asks what about 3rd one. Ranbir says their boss is still missing. Beeji says you guys solved this case like police. Riya gives them ropem Aryan and Ranbir ties them.  Thieves get conscious than Abhi asks where they kept the money and asks who’s their boss. Thieves says they don’t know. Ranbir beats him and asks him to confess.

Aryan records it. Riya dashes with him than phone fell down and she asks Abhi to check it. Goons says they are from your people. Aliya goes to him and asks him to reveal  and when Pallavi informs to police and in this process Aliya unties the ropes and slaps the goon. Goon says I don’t like if someone slaps me. Aliya signs him sorry.

Ranbir questions goon again than he says Prachi asked them to steal the money saying she will give them 20% commission. Aliya reminsces how she unties the goon and asks him to take Prachi name Sao she can give him 2lakhs later.

 Prachi and everyone gets shocked. Meera sats Prachi can’t do it. Ranbir questions them asking the real name. Riya shouts enough than Ranbir notices Prachi in tears and consoles her saying I know these people are blaming you wrongly.

Sarita notices to Prachi chit and informs to Pragya on phone that Prachi went to Mehta house. Ranbir says these people are lying. Riya says how you feel if they take others name and you don’t believe it because they took Prachi name. Abhi says Prachi is innocent.

 Riya and Aliya says Prachi type of people will use our trust to get the money so believe it Prachi is culprit. Prachi says I’m innocent and if police arrest me than my mom can’t bear it and my mom asked me to resign the job, I’m about to do it and but you call me here and please don’t believe these people. Aliya says I’m going you from job. Goons escape but Aryan, Ranbir caughts them.

Police arrived than Riya asks Police to arrest Prachi along with thieves. Abhi and Ranbir says Prachi won’t go to station. Sanju tries to call his men but they won’t attend than he goes to their Adda. Police asks how you’re sure that Prachi is innocent, whats she is to you.

Riya says she is just our employee. Pallavi stops Ranbir and ask him to allow inspector to do his job. Abhi says this is just misunderstanding. Aliya says thieves confessed that Prachi is culprit and she takes mobile from Aryan. Police says no need to see the clip and Prachi must come with us. Vikram asks police to leave so they can solve their family matter.

Aliya says it’s professional matter and asks police to arrest her. Constable takes Prachi but Ranbir holds Prachi hand saying he won’t allow it. Pallavi asks let it go. In this process Ranbir fell down and Prachi tries to hold his hand but Riya helps him to get up and asks police to take Prachi.

Abhi says I won’t let Prachi stay in police station for more time and Prachi whenever you’re in problem I solved it and this time too I will solve it. Prachi hugs him. Abhi promises her saying I will get you back to this house with respect. Inspector says if Aliya is ok than we will leave your daughter.

 Aliya says she is not my brother’s daughter. Sanju reaches to their den and notices it empty and thinks something is wrong. Inspector says than why are you concerned if she is not your daughter. Abhi says she is more than my daughter. Police takes Prachi. Riya goes to her room. Ranbir about to leave behind Prachi but Pallavi sends him to his room. Pallavi asks Vikram to never allow Prachi in their company.