Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2024  Written Update: RV and Yug get tied up by Jasbir’s men

Kumkum Bhagya 27th January 2024  Written Update On TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Jasbir’s uncle and aunt asking Prachi and their family to watch their tone and look who are they talking to. Prachi and Manpreet say to Jasbir’s aunt and Uncle that Jasbir kidnapped Purvi and asks them where is Jasbir.


RV and Yug come to a house and asks Jasbir to open the door. One of Jasbir’s men opens the door.

Jasbir’s aunt and uncle say to Prachi and her family that Jasbir is their nephew but not their son. Jasbir’s uncle say to Prachi that they don’t know where is Jasbir. Prachi’s family sees that Jasbir’s aunt and uncle are not saying anything about Jasbir. Ashok asks the police to come here. The police come to Jasbir’s uncle’s house.

RV asks Jasbir’s men where are Jasbir and Purvi. Jasbir’s men act as if they don’t know anything. RV and Yug barge into Jasbir’s house. Jasbir’s men beat up RV and tie him up.

Prachi asks Jasbir’s aunt and uncle to tell them where is Jasbir. Prachi’s family asks the cops to ask Jasbir’s uncle where is Jasbir. The inspector says to Jasbir’s uncle that both of their families need to come to the police station right now to solve this issue. Jasbir’s family agree to it.

Khushi waits for everyone at the police station. Prachi’s family and Jasbir’s family come to the police station. Khushi asks Jasbir’s family where is Purvi. Jasbir’s aunt comment on Khushi as everyone is asking them the same question. Khushi says to the cops that they should bring Tiger here as he might know where is Jasbir. The inspector asks Jasbir’s uncle to tell him the phone no of Tiger and says he will call them right away. Prachi leaves from there and decides to go to Tiger’s house on her own.

Jasbir’s men are shown to be keeping an eye on Prachi. Jasbir asks Purvi if she doesn’t love him. Purvi says yes. Jasbir asks Purvi if she respects him. Purvi says no. Jasbir comments on Purvi as she neither loves him nor respects him. Jasbir gives an example of his parents and says to Purvi that she will love him once they get married. Jasbir seeing that Purvi is not agreeing to the marriage so he video call his men and shows Prachi to Purvi on the video call. Purvi tries to call Prachi. Jasbir video cuts the call. Jasbir says to Purvi that if she doesn’t agree to the marriage then his men will kill Prachi at his signal. Purvi without having a choice agrees to marry Jasbir.

Jasbir’s men abduct Prachi and put her in the car trunk. Shera video calls Jasbir and shows Jasbir that RV and Yug came here looking for him and his men tied him up. Jasbir praises Shera. RV asks Jasbir to leave Purvi if not it will be bad for him. Jasbir comments on Purvi and cuts the call.

Jasbir says to Purvi that her mother will be here soon and asks Purvi not to worry.

Jasbir’s men stop the car at a traffic signal. Prachi opens the car trunk and sees Ashutosh. Prachi asks Ashutosh to help her. Ashutosh helps Prachi get out of the car and takes her away on his bike. Jasbir’s men notice that Prachi is escaping so they chase her.

Episode ends.

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